Omen Command Grab Idea

What if Omen had a command grab in instinct that allowed him to become a shadow of the character he grabbed. He could maintain this form until a shadow move was used then would revert to normal Omen once again. Im sure there are obstacles that would make this difficult but it would be cool.

@TheKeits - any insight on if this would be cool or difficult?


It’s an interesting idea, but I agree, there would likely be a lot of difficulties making it work with Omen.

Now, I think that designing a move/style stealing character from the ground up would be somewhat less problematic, given that you’re not trying to design or balance it around an existing character’s moveset and playstyle that is already out in public use.

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True the idea was to give an idea that would avoid a mimic character as much as possible. Omen just seemed the most changeable in terms of shape. I also thought it would fit with his wanting to be “human” again.

Let me make sure I’m being clear - I do like your idea (and particularly because Omen is the most physically malleable member of the cast), I just think that the complications of using an existing character might be too much.

I think it could be a viable option for Omen in KI4, but would mean that people who are Omen mains might have to relearn the character. If we see mimic properties in this version of KI I suspect it would be for a brand new character.

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I know Im on the same page as you are. I would also agree with a new mimic being more likely than a rework of Omen. I would just prefer New Omen ability vs. a mimic character. Soul Calibur made me hate mimics with a passion.

From what I’ve heard, Spinal used to have some mimic abilities in the old games. But I’m not sure if they were fully-mimiced moves, or just that he changed shape while attacking.

I also heard the same but have never looked into it. A new mimic could be a tar monster. thats about all I can think of for a character trope that would have a malleable body suited for mimicing

Spinals enders transformed to the character he was fighting and they were in black n white like the shadow moves. I forgot about that! It was pretty cool!

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Almost sounds like an idea for an Ultimate. :wink:
Omen possesses his opponent an a shadow character is created.

It would certainly be an interesting idea. Not sure if it’s got a ton of gameplay application that I’d be interested in, but it’s neat.