Older KI versions playable?

I purchased an Xone just for KI. It hasn’t disappointed. It’s beautiful. However, I want to play the older version of the 2013 KI. I have the retail Combo Breaker disc. Unfortunately, I can only play as Jago. Is there any way I can enjoy the older style or maybe even Season 2 without the need to upgrade to the newest purple KI? I also purchased the Definitive Edition but I’m not interested in playing the latest version at the moment. I hope somebody can assist me.

TLDR: Is there a way to play Season 1 Combo Breaker offline with more than Jago, without the need to upgrade to KI Purple?

There is no way to play s2 of KI unless someone somewhere has an Xbone with an un-updated version and a gamertag they are willing to separate from cough $$$ cough. However from what my sources say you can use the combo breaker disc to play s1. You just have to boot offline and not have a S3 save.

Thank you for that information. At one point a few months back I was able to use my DLC characters playing offline (no internet) but signed in still. If I use the same method, I cannot reach the menu screen. It will be black. If I decide to sign out and back in again I get taken to a red screen with smoke effects, no KI logo. Just a nice new wallpaper I suppose.

I even tried resetting my Xbox but when you start it up it is mandatory to connect to the internet so I must assume an update will have taken place. The colours are beautiful in the older game. I much prefer it. For once I actually will use the credits and cpu vs cpu mode to enjoy the visuals so at least I have some minor consolation.

I will have to try and see if my account has any S3 saves that may be interfering. Installing the S3 update takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes and I’ve tried a few times hoping for a solution.

Thank you once again. If anyone else can assist with some suggestions I would appreciate it as well. Spinal’s skulls don’t leave a purple rectangle so much and the blue meter, the washed paint colours from using meter looks so good. I wish I could play a bit of old Maya before her changes as well. The old menus are a hoot to look at as well with frame info and move descriptions. A very robust fighting game that I’m a proud owner of. I could stare at this game all day without playing. I’m sure you all know this though.

I still wish they would of done a season select type of mode. Putting aside any and all debate on which season was better, I just know there are a ton of players that really want to play S2 again and it’s shame it’s the only season that isn’t playable and didn’t get a retail version like the others.

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