Old shadow/purple shadow, and a darkness / normal screen ? please IG/ADAM read

In a recent post, i try to expose my problem with season 2 and 3.
Its about graphical tweaks (IG-MS say better graphics)
but i dont see that way.
In season 1, when you trow a fireball, the screen turns more black (i dont know how to explain because i speak spanish.)
In consecuence, the shadows of the characters looks amazing.
And in season 2, that effect was removed.
and in season 3, ig remove the perfect shadows in the characters,
and give them a purple shadow.
IMO, this changes are a STEP BACK, in quality.
More resolution be great received, and i dont have anything bad to say
but change darkness and shadow effects, make a game less impresive.
Its a step back, the game look less next gen, I.M.O.
i ask, can be possible re-enable this shadows in on-off options?
The code dont need to be developed.
The code exist, and we need it back.
Because i buy a game with this shadows, (i buy season 1 disc, and i buy ultra digital season 1 and 2 )
So, can you MS-IG bring back the old shadows please.?
sorry about my english.
God bless all.


i will never understand this thing of “purple shadows”. From what i know shadows was always black. I dont think its fancy. I dont feel it. Purple are always related with bad things like toxin, coffin bottoms, stinking gases, yata yata… Its a morbid color if you ask me.
Black gives a true understanding of darkness. It brings an evil feeling about the character giving all he has when it EX a move.
If season 4 is a thing, i hope it changes to something more wicked like gray and black. A solid wicked theme for season 4 or who knows a KI new game.

Also you made good points like purple shadows making the game feeling more like it a 6th gen title.

Well they did say at Evo that they don’t keep old versions of the game, they constantly delete and write over things. So for all we know the old shadow effect actually doesn’t exist anymore.

so…then i have to assume the new shadows are product of an error.
and a poor fix.
Its a shame.

Why would they have to be an error? Opinions are just opinions in this case. They decided to change the color of Shadow moves because they liked it. They also added Level 4 ender effects because they liked it. You don’t have to like it.

As for the screen darkening for projectiles, it’s probably due to the increase of resolution. At higher resolutions things like character/environment shadows are hard to render. Due to the bad Xbox One internal hardware, they are restricted with what they can do. That, and they are working off the building blocks of DH’s code. Optimization is harder to do when working with code that someone else has done.

Yes the old Shadow move Visual was way better I even believe we had a pole about this and the entire community said that they preferred the old shadow effect

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Agree 100% the old shadows looked waaaaayyyy better by a long shot, i also believe they should give spinal his green skulls back i mean who thought a character with a ghostly green aura should shoot pink skulls??? It does notake sense with his character design.


Absolutely give spinal his green skulls back honestly I didn’t pay enough attention to notice he has purple skulls that’s kind of silly to change that I also don’t believe the bot needs a purple Alora surrounding him when you do a shadow move man these are small nitpicks and I don’t believe they would be that hard to bring back the old shadow effect is something everyone in the community wants back

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What, you mean you guys don’t like the Fruit Loops Spinal? He’s like the more eerie character in the game…

Terrible design decision, if you ask me.