Old notifications still showing as new

I already sent a PM about this to @CStyles45, but he has yet to respond to it, so…

I have a notification under my profile card (where you can see new replies to your posts, etc in the top right corner of the forum) that looks brand new, because it’s highlighted, but really isn’t. Every time I click on it, the highlight doesn’t get removed like it should, and I’m starting to find it becoming really annoying. The notification itself is a merger of a topic that CStyles acted upon - something about how to pronounce Mira’s name. I could be mistaken, but I think it was moved into the topic regarding Maya’s story under the news category (CStyles can correct me on this if I’m wrong). At the time I noticed this issue happening I was either on the latest version of MS Edge on my Windows 10 PC or the MS Edge app on my XB1, which is in the preview program (I’m not sure which I was actually on at the time, because I’ve used both fairly recently). Either way, it definitely shows it on the XB1 app, which is what I’m currently using as I type this up.

Please find a fix for this, because if it keeps happening, my notifications list is going to become quite full with old “new” notifications that will get in the way of actual new notifications and make it hard to tell the difference as well as to search for the legitimate notifications, which would make my experience within this fine community slightly less enjoyable, and most definitely slower…

Suggestions I’d try:

Go through that topic and scroll through it from top to bottom to try and clear it out

Have you tried another computer?
Another browser?
Clear you cache/cookies/history?

I’d try all those things and let me know.

I have this too. I just ignore it, and it fixes itself later that day. Sometimes in 5 minutes.

Well, mine’s beeen there for just over a week now, so it’s still not fixed - that’s the bad news. The good news, thankfully, is that due to new notifications that do “unhighlight” themselves, it’s scrolled far enough down the list that I no longer see it, although it is still there if I click the “see more” option. So, in a way, it’s kind of fixed, I guess.