Old Mexican-Western Kung Fu Gunslinger

For fighters of old age…

SF: Gouken & Gen
TK: Heihachi & Wang
VF: Shun Di
DOA: Gen Fu & Brad Wong

If anyone’s tired of the old “Chinese martial arts master” vibe, then what about a cowboy? Whose not only a gunslinger, but also a skilled fighter?

There can also be Aztec vibes with him too.



At this point lets just start a KI Overwatch guest character thread. First we had the space ape thread (winston) then the cyber ninja thread (Genji) then the angel thread (Mercy) and now a western gunslinger thread (Mccree)

There is gun-style kung fu and unleashes Dante’s rainstorm.

Intro: “I guess I have no choice… but to kill you all.”

Victory: “I’ll be waiting for my path to death.”