Old forums?


Hey, getting used to the new layout and I would like to bring some good info over from the previous forums. I can’t seem to find the read-only link though, can anyone point me in the right direction?



They are not up/available at this time. When they do become available we will be sure to let everyone know.



Any news regarding this?


I’m seconding this question. Lots of Hisako Tech I need to transfer over from the old forum…


I think it’d be cool if/when the old forums become available again to be able to link up our old account with the new XBLA based forum account. Keep all of our posts together and categorized.


@rukizzel, my man, what’s the good word? It’s been a good long minute. Tech is waiting to be carried into the new forums!


I am losing hope.

S2 Hisako Tech Thread - R.I.P.


Yeeeeah, I kinda need access. x__x


Our web team is doing another pass at both the website and the forums this month. Let me see what is up.


Yeah, Please find out, as I tried to make the TJ Combo thread come back from the dead as well as Jago, and…well.


Just wondered if there was any news on this - I wouldn’t mind seeing my posts from back in Season 2…


status update please? rukari said they were making another pass at it


I don’t normally do this, but as there’s information that I wouldn’t mind looking into: Bump for recognition


@rukizzel pls


Bump for even greater recognition - I know some of the topics got archived but I can’t find the ones I want to for some reason.




Bump as this has still not been fixed and is still a frustrating issue to at least some of us who would like to retrieve interesting/important/useful information from the old pages.


official confirmation that they’re not coming back pls?


bump to ask for an answer to this long standing issue/request


Bump as this still hasn’t been fixed.