Okay I want to brag a little bit

All right so I have to brag a little bit. Kim is my main and I’ve started playing kI November 1st.

My win rate was terrible I hardly won it all and ranked with her.

My win rate with Kim is now higher than it is with riptor sitting at 26%.

I’ve taken out one killer almost took out a killer or gold rash I don’t remember. We were both on danger.

My silver rank with Kim so far is seven out of 17 that’s pretty ■■■■ good for Kim I feel like?

I started playing Kim more like a pokey annoying character rather than Rush down which was getting me killed every time. It’s not really my playstyle but she’s just so fun

Yeah, Kim’s not a pokey character she needs to get in close to unleash combos, and use her dragon kicks to lock down areas of the screen and dragon cannon to crush from a distance plus projectile reflection. The dragon kicks are amazing but especially good against mid to low level Gargos players who like to fly within range of it.

I took everybody’s advice finally and I started using Shadow lab. The ability to challenge high level well allegedly high level specific characters is key. There’s a a lot of silly shadows though that people do funny things with :rofl:

I fought a couple of rashes that just sit around humping the air the entire match but I think that’s rash normally :rofl:

I’ve been really fortunate that I’ve had a lot of time to put into ki I mean I’ve played pretty much every day since November 1st for the most part probably 4 to 8 hours plus. I probably should be better than I am but I was stubborn at first and I didn’t read all the guides and listen to people’s recommendations or rather… I just wasn’t connecting what they were saying.

I was almost to the point where I was thinking about switching up because I was just losing every single match I fought with Kim.

I’m just going to stick with her and see how far I can go I’m up for the challenge

Something I noticed about Kim players is many of them seem to forget she can reflect projectiles with her nunchuks. I rarely see people do it. Also, her standing medium punch is a great way to poke opponents and start a combo.

I have trouble with the timing trying to reflect projectiles. I use it to stock up on

I use the the Parry for the most part to stock up on dragons. It doesn’t matter what rank they are as far as I’ve been seeing I can always get them to throw three or four before they realize that I’m pretty accurate with that. It doesn’t stop the newer players at all they’ll still keep throwing them.

The Shadow moved that sends three projectiles back does phenomenal damag if you hit them with it!

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Parry is great, but the main issue is that the dragons themselves are only of medium utility I feel. The movement burst you can use them for is nice and can throw your opponent off but not incredible. Dragon cannon is very powerful but you get limited shots, and it’s not like an unblocked one takes off half a life bar or anything crazy. I kind of wish that dragons could act like armor or something, would make them more useful. Heck I would be fine with not having them generate over time and only getting them by counter if they had that ability.

Yeah, I use the nunchuk deflect all the time. Works great except agains shadow jago who throws too many and too fast.

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