Ok the main KI theme is driving me crazy now!

I barely noticed that a few days ago. I think I heard Hisako singing it in her stage with “LAAAAA LAAAAA LAAA LAAA LAAA LAA LAAA LAAAAAAAAAAA!!” I was like WTF! HAHAA

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Hahahahaha. Im loving to hear your stories guys about your families reactions on this song

Come on ig. Give us the option for the quiet part of the song only. It shouldnt be that hard to do that in the next patch.

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Are you all on xbox? Im a PC player and the main theme only plays once and then the music goes pretty much silent with occasional little sounds.

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Maybe we should change the default to Kim Wu theme!


A nice option would be to have the music rotate like the monthly free character-

We’d get an audible clue as to whom the free character of the month is!

2- ( awesome idea) maybe a snippet of ALL the themes’ dynamic KI idle themes rotate.

hearing ‘such a feelin’ / such a feelin’… while character select.

Huh just thought- does Kim have an idle theme?

I think this theme needs an update at least to make it feel and sound different. One of my problems with this is that it’s too energetic compared to the E3 version which I personally preferred. Tone it down a bit and it’ll sound much better.

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Let the new boys do their own take on the theme and put it in the menu.
I love the theme but it’s more the ultra combo scream that drives him up the wall lol.

How did the devs manage to rage the ultra scream out the game?!

It’s a bug they’ve said

Looking back at it. I think it would be great to choose between the first and second classic opening themes for Killer Instinct themes so we won’t feel burned out on the current theme droning on and on.

I actually think that to remove Mick’s menu theme entirely as has been suggested before and allow celldweller and plug to do their version would take away one of the only remaining elements of S1 outside of character select (excluding the match themes of course). If you’re going to do anything like that I’d say make it an option.

Also, a muted intro would be an interesting idea (just the announcer and the intro sfx+explosion as you press a/menu.

The E3 version of the theme, as I recall, was no different to this one… If I could see proof that’d be useful.

I agree so long as it’s optional I’m fine. Cell and Atlas may be doing a decent job. But I still like alot of Mick’s work better.

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Absolutely do not remove the existing menu and select themes without at least providing a toggle option. You can’t take out those perfect tunes.

A toggle option like the SFV menu has would be perfect. It’s probably the only idea you should copy.

Must admit my house mates have also developed a large hatred for the menu music since I play a lot of KI and they hear it a lot lol. It’s a very bombastic and in your face theme to hear that constantly. At the same time though I’d hate for it to be removed as its starting to feel pretty damn iconic.

I would agree with what most people are saying on here that I would love an optional toggle for menu music.

I gotta say, I don’t mind it. I’ve been listening to it since 96 and it still hasn’t got old for me…I doubt it ever will.