Ok.. NOW I have something to gripe about with combo assist

I really don’t want to gripe about this and I really just generally don’t hate the idea, but what I’m seeing it’s becoming a problem. I’m Gold in ranked as of this moment, and I’ve been fluctuating between 480-610 points in the ladder. As of late I have been playing more and more Gold players. That’s great, more players around the similar skill level. Right? Well that’s not the case anymore. Ranked in Gold has been saturated with a lot, and I mean A LOT of combo assist users. Let me make this clear by saying that I actually like the idea of combo assist, I’m glad it’s around I’m glad it’s there to let people get into the game. What I’m not ok with is the idea of people having their hands held throughout ranked. I fought the ladder from bronze all the way up to where I am now without using combo assist because it was never implemented. I feel as though combo assist should be disabled for ranked play Gold and up. Qualifier, Bronze, and Silver should at least be able to keep it because players are still learning about the mechanics (or that’s what is to be assumed)

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Just beat them. Combo assist doesn’t do much except make easy combos easier. They lose out on a few things. Jagos using CAM will do Cr.Mk into windkick when laser sword is a better option. Just beat them by combo breaking and stuff.

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I just don’t want to see people getting their hand held through points where you need to do things on your own y’know?

Segregating Combo Assist in any way would send the message to new players “this is something that gives you an unfair advantage”, when it does not.

If you feel it is unfair that new players have a learning device that you didn’t have, that’s fine. But changing an entire game mechanic based on your feeling of indignation isn’t.

Hell, if I had it my way in order to play Sadira you should have to eat cold oatmeal first- but my personal prejudices don’t dictate how the game works.

I’ve been with this game since day 1.
I had to learn the hard way.
But I don’t mind new players playing the way they want.

What makes your attitude worthy of it’s own ranked rule any more than mine?


If anything CAM makes combos easier to break, they’re easy to tell and for the most part it’s usually the same button inputs such as mediums that’s why I love it when I see killers try to use it on me and get salty when all their combos are broken.

That’s the thing though, CAM makes things predictable, players getting their hand held through ranked and getting hot air because of it and raging after losing to me it just doesn’t feel right.They get their hands held all the way up thinking they’re so great at the game and when they lose they get all pissy about it.

Their fault they are losing. It doesn’t affect you at all. Its a free win and enjoy the salt.

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Nah, CAM itself doesn’t make the game predictable, because it’s just an alternate control scheme for things they could be doing anyway. It’s the players themselves that are being predictable. They would be just as predictable if they weren’t using CAM, and the only way they will get better is if you take their predictable habits and beat them repeatedly because of it.

This is why CAM is cool. These players were always predictable, but now it comes to the forefront a little quicker, and maybe both you and your opponent get better faster.

You really have to separate the system from what the player himself is doing. They are two different things.

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It doesn’t make the game fun if I keep getting free wins.

Just deal with it. Once you reach Killer,you will have a lot of tougher opponents

You’ll move up Killer and there will be less of CAM users. it’ll be fine

practice combo breakers…you’re welcome

Don’t get me started on killer, so many close, tough but fun matches where the slightest mistake will cost you the match.

What about players with disabilities? If for some medical reason someone struggles to execute repeated quarter-circle motions, but with CAM they can consistently make top 32 killers each month, don’t they deserve the stars?

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I’m curious as to how you can tell whether someone is using CAM or not. It’s virtually impossible to to tell with even a half-way decent player, especially if they know their mixups (which, like Infil said, is player dependent, not a fault of the system). This is why it’s allowed in ranked, in addition to the reasons already mentioned by others above.

I agree. Anyone using CAM let’s be honest here. It’s possible they may not know the fundamentals in the same way. CAM has a drawback in that it does limit their options in what they can do. In the case of normal mode which just gives you more options with your inputs.

This is one of the biggest factors that can have you win.

I wouldn’t worry OP. Just do what ya can to beat them.

Keep in mind that when introducing any new system there will be a time period for the ladders to balance.

Right now CAM is something new and so the ladders are still being adjusted to this new system, regular users are still adjusting when playing against CAM users.

Eventually, in the ladder system there will be a clearer distinction between CAM and Non-CAM because that’s the nature of the beast.

A CAM player will “never” be able to beat a regular seasoned player and as such CAM will only be able to help them so much after a certain point they won’t be able to progress unless they fly of their own wings.

because he’s not talking about halfway decent players. The kind of players who just mash lights the entire time, meaning with CAM as it is now, they mash a blown out light combo. That’s how I tell them apart at least.
Halfway decent players learn to at least mix up the strengths of their ADs and openers with CAM.

I really don’t see the problem. CAM does not make any character stronger. Why does it matter whether or not they input their motions during combos?