Ok let's go Pool KIM WU!

Ok guys, ladies and gentlemen!
As we all know, Kim wu has been a long debate since she’s out.
To know how peoples are exactly feelling about her redesign here a sample pool.
Just make ur choice, and do it with all honesty .

Here are two pictures of the kim wu a pre concept and the last concept we actually have in game.

wich one was the most interesting to apply to KIm wu ? Also dont forget the actual kim wu is normally short ive just made her taller by strechin the picture to be even more consistant in size :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • KIM wu concept cause shes tall nice face and handsome
  • KIM WU actual, with a size and a face remaking
  • KIM WU actual without retouching

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lets go guys let them know what.

also here a extra :yum:

  • NO sexy Kim wu retro
  • Yes to a sexy Kim wu retro

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enjoy !!!

Dont forget to comment guyz lets have fun on it; lol :smiley: @CrazyLCD i hope this poll could help you so you should be fixed :sweat_smile:

I prefer the concept Kim, the outfit looks pretty similar and the hair looks great. As for sexy/not sexy, I’m leaning toward no. I’m fine with sexy things in media, but I don’t think it matches the new Kim. Although I don’t really use Kim that much, so I probably don’t understand the character as much as others.

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i respect that .:smirk:

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Wouldn’t it make more sense to use a picture of regular default Kim wu instead of her retro to go up against a concept art of default Kim?

Concept Kim’s costume is basically what we got… the only real difference is the hair and face? Love that face though.

Oh, and YES to anything sexy for me.

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thats why we play sadira :smirk: :kissing_heart:

we need more votes guyz lol , go go go