Offline casual play, Hartford CT

I’m about 3 miles outside of downtown Hartford and was thinking about having a casual get together for some beers (21+ only, please drink responsibly… 18-20 welcome but no underage drinking please) and KI. Did something similar with MK9 in 2012 and had a great time with about a dozen people and 5 setups. Just wanted to gauge interest for now.

Everyone would be responsible for bringing their own controller or stick. I only have one Xbone but have 2 Asus VH236H monitors, anyone would be welcome to bring more consoles or setups. Obviously other fighting games will get played. There is plenty of free parking space.

If anyone is interested let me know and maybe we can get something going on in March or April! I can also be reached on Twitter @Gnoodles :slightly_smiling:

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