Official Killer Instinct Posters - Let's Make it Happen! 🤩

Hey everyone!

How would you feel about buying a piece of awesome Killer Instinct art on a poster for you to frame for your office or game room? Well, I’ve got an idea and a plan to make it happen, but real KI Posters won’t materialize without your support, so listen up:

Who remembers the old Merch Poll from a few years ago? I do, and the posters option ultra combo’ed its way to the next tier. The Killer Instinct Team considered making them a while ago… but what kind of posters would be cool enough for the fans to snap up?

Hey, old-school KI fans! Who remembers the ancient “Gallery” page from the dusty Rareware website when KI first launched? For you kids, this was a collection of awesome rendered scenes that showcased the cast of KI fighting it out.

Since the KI Team has done an incredible job of perfectly reviving everything else that made the classic game awesome, I would LOVE to see the artist who made the new KI renders (examples below), put together a few pieces of art featuring white-knuckle fights between our favorite characters in their modern styles and within the stages of our latest game.

While there are TONS of cool X vs Y pieces that would look amazing on a poster, my top pick? If there was a poster of Riptor charging Glacius on his own Crash Site stage, I’d buy it in a heartbeat and have that beast framed for my own office!

The best news is that Rare already makes and sells art prints on their own online store! Since Rare is the home of KI, it would be the perfect place to host and send out these new Killer Instinct posters.

If a new series of official Killer Instinct posters were made and released in this way, how many of you would grab one? If you’d like to see this ambitious idea on your wall someday, do yourself a favor and politely suggest it to @KillerInstinct on Twitter, ask Rare themselves at @RareLtd, and who knows what we may get?


PS. If you need a new KI shirt, Rare has this retro beauty in stock: Rare All Stars Killer Instinct Unisex T-Shirt - White Vintage Wash (


Those images take me back. I’d love to grab a T-shirt or an action figure of old Riptor.

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Put me down for a Saberwulf and Orchid figurines/action figures. For a nice high detail ones I would happily she’ll out up to $500 each (I’m thinking like the MK Kitana figures)

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