Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

@KRAKENJIMMY Please help our good friends in brasil!

I have a digital download on Xbox One. Version 90100.1.289266.r. I have only been able to get 3 matches online since May 5th. Matchmaking is completely unusable as I have tried daily to play.

KI servers are still barely working. I’m waiting way longer for ranked matches as well as unable to join my friend’s matches. Hope this gets fixed up soon


Steam’s Version
Since like last 2 weeks, i can’t find anyone on ranked, i even try with 2 friends i have played before on ranked without any problems, but now we can’t find us and can’t find anyone also, could devs look further, it’s look no one can play ranked matches.

Also ready to body achievement still is broken.

It happened to me for a while a long time ago, stopped, and now it’s happening again. Are you using DisplayFusion, by any chance? I just tried turning it off, and KI hasn’t minimized itself yet. I also haven’t been finding any matches, so… not sure what to make of it.

I have a bug that seems to be more and more common. Often when connecting to a match the game crashes to desktop without an error. This happens right when I make the connection with the opponent. I know this because I’ve I can see the hitch in the que when it tries to connect, I’m also credited with a loss when I load the game back up.

Windows 10 Version
All seasons and DLC owned.
GTX 1080
Ryzen 1800X
16 gig Ram
SSD HD’s one is an M.2 (Not sure which one KI is installed on)


i’m experimenting the known issue,i have the Definitive but works just the free version.
I ve deleted and dowload more than one time, and same, when open the Definitive just run the free version.

Also have relentization issue, but for now want to solve the version problem 1rst.


When I loose on ranked, if I try to look for another match when it finds the opponent, the game crashes punish me with a loss :frowning:

I haven’t been able to do online ranked for weeks now.


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I’m playing on PC with Steam version and have been experiencing an issue quite consistently.
Here’s the crux of the matter - Every time I try to start a fight on Forgotten Grotto stage (Aganos’s stage), be it from story mode or vs cpu fight for example, the game freezes on “loading match” phase for a couple of seconds and then crashes.

Here’s dxdiag report.

Hope that it will help in resolving the issue.

I’m having issues in ranked where the game is crashing before fights start. I’ll get matched with a player and the game will crash hitting me with a loss. System and game are both up to date.

Playing on Xbox One S, anyone else having this issue?


I bought KI: Definitive Edition during the sale from the Microsoft Store. However, despite being a play anywhere title, it says it won’t run on my Windows 10 PC. I managed to install the free version without realizing it was a different version. I assumed the Microsoft Store was finally letting me install my game. So I was confused when I couldn’t select any characters besides the free one.
In the Microsoft Store it lists all of the add-ons from the definitive version as “owned” yet I can’t use anything.
I can, however, launch the Definitve Edition from my start menu and access all of the trailers, ost, etc. and then launch KI from there but I still can’t use anybody besides the free character.

My head hurts and I want to die. Please help me resolve this or how do I refund this if the fix has been abandoned? I don’t have an Xbox One so it’s pointless for me to have this game I can’t play.

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I’m not sure what is going on. I play one match and it runs fine. Match up with the next opponent, the game crashes right when I get matched and I get a loss. This keeps on happening to me. Not sure why. @LaughingElefant Probably a similar issue. It makes a buzzing noise and then crashes right?

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That is what is happening to me as well.

Yup exactly weird buzzing noise, freaks me out because I think the Xbox is dying, but it’s the game crashing.


When I’m trying to do shadow survival, I keep on getting “Failed to retrieve Shadow data from Ultratech servers. Would you like to retry?” No matter if I choose yes or no, it keeps on popping up.

Thats old news…been happening for ■■■■ near a year. Possibly has somehtng to do with having too many recording on your Shadow. If you hit yes or cancel about 50 times over an dover you will eventually get somehting. lol

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It has been a while since the last time I played the game, and when I launch it, I find that my game has been “haunted”, because I OWN Shin Hisako, but for whatever reason the game doesn’t recognize me that I own her and I can’t use her anymore, does that thing happened to any of you?

FYI. The rest of the characters and the skins, and the Ultimates works without any issue, heck, even Shadow Lords works for me without issue (except that I can’t pick Shin Hisako unless I get lucky to have one of those missions).


I forgot another thing, the dailiy rewards doesn’t change for me, I don’t know if that also can be a red flag about the issue I’m havin’ at the moment with the game, and I’m playing it on Xbox One.

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Same issue for me. Bought ALL characters and was playing with shin hisako for about 4 weeks (went on vacation) came back and she is “installed”, but not selectable. No issues with other fighters…even EAGLE and KILGORE run just fine.

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I can’t select Shin Hisako, daily rewards don’t reset, and VIP xp is gone. I even backed out of preview and updated my Xbox. Still busted. Is anyone actually going to acknowledge this issue? I got the original combo breaker pack free and i still bought all 3 ultra editions, all 3 bonus characters, and a physical copy of definitive edition. I think I’m owed a fix and at the very least acknowledgement that it is be worked on for certain.

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