Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

Anyone else having Save Data issues? I keep getting a message saying “We couldn’t get your last saved data” and when I hit Try Again the ultratech server screen comes up for about a second and goes right back to this one. I’ve tried all the usual fixes, clearing Mac address, hard reset, uninstalling profile, offline/online mode, etc. Nothing has worked.

Of course when I go into offline mode all my things are gone including gold, costumes, etc. and when trying to open Shadow Lords it tells me to connect to Xbox Live.

Anyone else having or had this issue?

This is happening to a lot people:

May be related to Kilgore’s achievements?

He said manual after the OTG, so how do you link a manual after the OTG? I didnt say bullet spray as the manual, what is he linking that is unbreakable?

Knockdown->OTG bullet spray->Shadow QCB+P(cooldown)->Manual

The Manual is unbreakeble, and it should be breakable

(Haven’t tested by myself, but the way to land a manual is using QCB+PP)


Ok I know ow to do that, I was thinking a manual without the cool down freeze. Thats where he lost me because it doesnt mention cool down.

I get similar when I try to play ShadowLords. It says that I am not connected to Xbox live whereas Xbox live says all its services are up and available.

YES SAME THING HERE!!! XBOX ONE AND PC… I reinstalled twice, deleted local saved data twice and nothing fixes it…

Are combo breakers supposed to have different distances when you get broken?

Yes, it’s character based.

I know that. But it seems that a character can have different ranges…not just one different range per character.

The dossiers for Kilgore in Shadow Lords still are locked and say “unlocked when Kilgore is released”.

To those of you having the sync issue, beware. Mine finally cleared up and I was able to sign in. Upon opening the game all of my progress has been erased. Every character is back to Level 1, all my Shadow Lords progress is gone, even my Christmas accessories are gone which as far as I know are not available anymore, not to mention all my Ultimate Source Color 10 skins.

AWESOME COMBO!..what a goddamn joke.

Pretty sure this is a bug.

If I hold the light button for the heavy linker, she spends less blood than she would by holding the medium button for the same heavy linker. Does the same damage, but not the same health.

This is a big bug in Mira’s favor. Less blood spent and get the same damage.

Actually I imagine this is a bug against Mira. What’s probably happening is that using the light button is the correct amount of blood for a heavy linker, but when you do heavy linkers in this game, I imagine the game treats it kind of like a kara-cancel from either light or medium to heavy (the game starts animating immediately, but is unsure in the first few frames whether you will hold it long enough for heavy or not, so it starts animating the light/medium version and then switches to heavy a few frames in if it has to; I’ve also theorized this is why linkers are unbreakable on startup, because the strength is unknown for several frames during startup). So in this case I imagine the blood gets applied for the medium linker before the kara-cancel, and then also for heavy linker once you’ve held it long enough.

So if the bug was to be fixed, it would just mean that both heavy linkers would get the cost of the current light linker. Anybody who is using the medium button for heavy linkers is just taking extra damage needlessly.

But I always use medium inputs for heavy linkers!!! :cold_sweat:

…good thing I don’t play Mira. :wink:

We’ll have to see what happens if they choose to fix this. Right now I’d say it’s in the players favor IF they are use to doing medium for heavy linkers. I know I’m one of them. Switching to light for the heavies will (in a way) keep herself alive longer. So in my case, switching to light will buff my Mira.

I wonder if this has always been here, I cannot for the life of me recall ever seeing this lol. And I play her a lot.

Well yeah, that’s what I mean. If you were using mediums, it looks like you were taking too much damage, making this bug disadvantaged for Mira players. If you switch to jab you’ll take the normal amount of damage and live a little longer.

I was fighting a Sadira shadow in Shadow Lords and I let the timer run out. I was winning by a wide margin, and the game declared her as the victor. Is this intended?

Helloz everyone. This bug happens on me today. on many modes. i capture some to reporting. :slight_smile:

KilGore ultra bug

I have bought a bunch of the guardian packs and finally have a green, a blue, a purple and a gold guardian for both the Ram and the Snake however the achievement didn’t unlock. This is DEFINITELY bugged since no one has unlocked it since 20th Dec 2016:

Recent Winners On: