Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

[spoiler]Eyedol’s QCB+Kick moves can be performed as QCF+Kick as linkers and enders, and when cancelled off of normals (weirdly enough, not off of other openers as a first linker in a combo though). I’m not sure if this happens with any other characters too, but it works in both Warrior and Mage stance (Instinct too), and also applies to the shadow versions of both moves.

This is probably pretty recent since I couldn’t find it elsewhere in this thread, but I have no idea which patch might have caused it.[/spoiler]
Nevermind, I’m dumb and didn’t notice combo assist was on.

I think you might be wrong about this, as I accidentally hit QCF+HK with Eyedol all of the time and immediately drop my combos practically every time it happens. I think you might have combo assist mode turned on…

Huh. It totally was. I hadn’t played in a while, so I wonder how long I had it accidentally on for.

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thanks man, maybe that’s what I was remembering was the extension of the window. I totally understand its a bad idea…trust me lol. But I need that throw to get my good Omen set up in. I guess I could start a combo, reset to throw and then do my BnB.

I need to practice something because Ive trained myself to throw in a whiff situation and its costing me big time.

Not sure if this is a bug, but Sabrewulf’s Crouching HP sweep cannot be feral canceled during instinct. Every other move with the exception of throws can be canceled without issue, but the sweep can’t be canceled on hit, block, or whiff.

A few users (at least) have experienced constant disconnects in online matches the last few days, may or may not be an XBL issue.

In my case I’ve only tried it on the PC version so far.

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Just wanted to let the devs know that I am not receiving the automatic double xp anymore. Sorry to be off topic.

Gargos bug, two for the price of one:

During instinct, I can’t explode(I tried, got LP instead, using LB as PPP, then the three punch buttons at the same time)
And, during Instinct, Gargos absorbs 2 hits from a shadow move, and then the third makes me enter into the combo system

I know this bug has some difficulties to be fixed: I don’t know how to reproduce it, but I noticed it since Eyedol’s patch. I get at least one time per day the explosion bug. It really frustrates me, because when it happens, it’s a guaranteed lose.

@developers, I know about this being extremelly difficult to fix, I would just wanna know your input about this if possible.

The input reverse bug still exists on Kim Wu’s dragon grasp. If I try to do two dragon grasps in a row I always get dragon kick ender.

Glacius also has an input bug that he’s had for a while where inputting shadow hail too quickly after certain moves (puddle punch is where I find it the most) he gets shadow shatter instead.

Omen has the same thing…try to light Orda and you get light rash. Super annoying when the opponent knows this and purposely makes you reverse your input and punish.

In what scenario though?

Over the top of your head. Different than what you are saying since you are mid combo…but overall the bug is still there. I can buffer the move before they go ever head and it comes out the opposite move.

Well that’s been in the game forever, and it happens in every fighting game. It’s not a bug, just your inputs naturally changing when your character faces a different direction.

Input shouldn’t change if the character hasnt changed direction yet. But i understand why its happening…doesnt make it any more enjoyable.

You called in the Battle Toad mid-match? :frog:

Bug out, man! :ant:

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This just started happening to me also. The Game disconnects at the v.s screen or in the 1st round. Is there a fix for this?

I’ve noticed that on occasion, you can get stuck in a combo despite parrying 3 hits in a shadow move correctly. Here’s an example:

That’s just an offline bug that only affects AI.

Ah, ok. Thanks.