Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

This has nothing to do with negative edge, the release of the button had nothing to do with this. As I said on Facebook, you never input a light linker so you shouldn’t have gotten one, and it will have been the inputs you pressed together prioritising the HK and giving you a slide.

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You’re pressing multiple buttons, the higher strength button always takes priority. I would check your button mapping or controller itself. If you press QCB or QCF Light only you’ll get what you want. I can recreate your scenario by pressing LP + HK and I’ll get slide every time.

@SullenMosquito @MBABanemobius QCF+LP is Light ichi ni san, this input is ignored depending on how close the release of LP is to the HP+HK input. That’s why in the “closer look” video it comes out as intended sometimes and other times it doesn’t. Even though the input is the same the results are different accordingly to such a minute difference in the timing you press the button. The difference is VERY small. So small that the results are pretty inconsistant for human input. I meant light opener not light linker as well. I understand the prioritization of inputs. I’m not sure if you and ev1 else are understanding that I did in fact input QCF+LP Before the HP+HK. The intended results after the st.MP hit confirm were Ichi ni san 1st hit LP opener into Ichi ni san 2nd hit HP (and 3rd when pressed again). The HP+HK input is situational. If instinct is there it is popped. The HP+HK part is the “option select”. If no instinct is available the HP 2nd hit of INS comes out as intended for the 2nd part of opener. If you release LP too late apparently this is ignored all together in favor of HK Blockade Runner into HP Auto. It is fine. I’m just not getting as consistent results in my game play as in previous patches and trying to report the differences because I thought it was a bug. I’ve played the character since release and haven’t changed the way I’ve pressed buttons since so I was thinking something buggy is going on. I was informed about negative edge and perhaps the window has been adjusted and is more tight or loose or something. Perhaps that was intentional. It fits the shoe but I’m getting SOOOOOO confused as ppl telling me different things and everything being said is inconsistent. Perhaps this is the wrong thread? I’ll just do my best to adjust and move on.

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I understand rollback, what I don’t understand is why that traded at all, even with rollback flick flack is low invulnerablee (ignores lows which it did) when the cat hit is when I got hit, as if after getting hit by the flick flack the hitbox of sjago went away but came back to trade with orchid hurtbox when the cat exploded. My opponent even said that was weird on his end, as the same thing happened.

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I’ve been having issues getting the game to start on console. It worked fine before, but now all of a sudden it can’t load or even install anything.

My problem is for some reason I do not have sadira,thunder, and spinal installed even though I have purchased all 3 seasons separately. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling them but in order to reinstall them I have to purchase them even though I have season 1 downloaded and purchased. I am working on uninstalling everything and then reinstalling it but what if that doesn’t work? What should I do?

It seems some of the new skins, even if locked, are accessible if you hover over the skin in the selection screen and let the timer expire. Also works with: Mimic Spinal, Shadow Riptor. Does NOT work with: Gold Orchid, Gold Jago, Shadow Skin Jago, Mimic Jago. All others have not been tested because online matchmaking is down currently.

Video evidence is here

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I’ve seem to have lost some of my Shadow Lords Data. I have no Killer Guardians (None at all in fact), every single artifact I’ve owned is missing. All my Astral Gems are gone as well. I still have my Archive progress, and Astral Plane is still unlocked.

This sucks, as I spent KI Gold on many Guardian and artifact packs and such, only for it to disappear.

Please help!


After resetting 4 times, it seems to have gotten everything back. I guess it fixed itself, but that’s a scary bug for someone who’s spent money on the mode.

Shadow Lords has a BIG issue with the Skeleton Chests, because it usually takes longer to load the reward screen and it loads with nothing… at rare times the rewards are given, this is a pain because the Skeleton Keys are not easy to get (excluding the loot pack) and in higher difficulties you should get a nice reward.

Had a few issues this weekend…

Not sure if any of this had anything to do with the failing DLC check that was going on over the past few days, but:

Shadow of Hisako wasn’t showing up in the versus screen in Shadow Lords. This happened to me many times.

A lot of the items in the rewards screen weren’t showing up.

Similarly, on the character select screen many of the character portraits weren’t showing up. I could still select characters and play like normal, but like half the cast (from Shago over to the right, in all three rows) wasn’t showing up.

Also, the game crashed on the “skins” screen in the store, after on the Shadow skins page most of the portraits didn’t show up. The skins I purchased dhwoed up (Tusk and TJ), but all the others were blacked out. The game crashed when I scrolled and moved the page over one slot.

I also had the game crash in Shadow Lords, after many of these things weren’t showing up, the game crashed on the versus screen going into a match where I was playing as Cinder. When I picked the game back up some time later, Cinder had “died”, but otherwise everything else played out like normal.

The last couple issues I have no screen shots of as I was broadcasting on twitch at the time. If I can get the video and link it here, or upload it to YT at some point, I will.

Edit: I guess just because you are broadcasting, you aren’t actually archiving. The video is not available. If these thing happen again in the coming days/weeks, I’ll update.

Is the Sl Crash fixed

I never had the issue. SL worked for me day one of the update. That being said, I still did experience some bugs. :confused:

Okay so for some reason spinal, thunder, and sadira are unavailable for me to play. I have season 1, 2, and 3 ultra editions. I’ve tried reinstalling the game and uninstalling it. Did the same thing for the dlc. When I go into the game it give me a message saying " you have purchased killer instinct: ultra edition add-on but it isn’t installed. Would you like to install it? Pressing yes brings me to the store to install and doesn’t give me an option to install or not. I’ve tried installing and uninstalling and it does nothing. I took pics for reference. Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…

Sorry if it’s been reported before but poor Kim’s ultra rhythm is still skipping even after the sl update-

Guys, is it normal for guardians to consume their astral gems slots even if not used?
I choose three warriors to fight Eyedol (Shago, Omen and Jago everyone with snake guardian equipped), I win with Shago not even using the other two but after that all three guardians lose one slot of their charge.

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Yes it is. If you assign a guardian to a character and then assign that character to a mission , regardless if that character fights , that character will cost a guardian pip.

So does Eyedol, and Tusk’s ultra doesn’t register some hits on the counter.

Thanks, never noticed before.

Are these Orchid cancel bugs still in the game?