Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

Correct. I hit break thinking it was open ender and the game had a delay as the ender finished, the juggle came out and then the counter break ensued yet i was milliseconds past the actual physical button press of the breaker command.
Now that I know you dont need an AD, I understand.

I wish the game explained these things since the dojo teaches you that you need to do an AD,. I do not recall it ever teaching you that you can use a linker as the 1 and only breakable point. I feel like the game teaches you to look for opener ender and the sign is no AD.

Now we as daily forum members may say “Well you should know, you are on here every day!” But what about ppl that are not on the forums? how do they learn these techniques and defensive strategies??

Thanks man, I do understand now. I guess the one ting that still confuses me is why it would buffer my break to initialize AFTER the ender and place it into the juggle.

I know mist will say…well maybe you think you hit it sooner? I know I hit it during the ender animation becasue I could feel the delay.

So why wouldn’t it just dismiss that break attempt or give a timing lock out since they couldn’t have input the Counter breaker before the juggle hit.

Could also be rollback who knows. The juggle comes very fast after a low level launch ender. I wouldn’t stress too much over how you got caught. There are too many variables to why that could be. As you said, you don’t want to get caught again. Now you can lab scenarios. :+1:

I rewatched the clip, here is their string.
Heavy whiff > web > another heavy > juggle ender > jump cancel heavy projectile

Counter broke the heavy juggle

The weird thing is that the same thing happens against Jago’s throw. You try to tech his throw but are slightly late so you get thrown. Fair enough. Then he cancels into shadow fireball and I get locked out. Wut?

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Yeah I know…no big deal. I guess what bugs me is there are so many changes and exceptions to the rule that there is nothing that teaches/ trains you for these exceptions unless you are a die hard patch note reader.

If you are trained to go opener, AD, ender… how would you ever know that Opener, linker ender is fair game?

To sum it up the DOJO needs a MASSIVE over haul. But again KI is so tech heavy I dont know if the dojo could even explain some of these things.

Thanks everyone for the explanations.


But also, guys… can we move this discussion out of the bug thread? This is supposed to be a sacred place…

I learned by seeing it used against me, then asking my opponent about it. :wink:

I was also going to report this, but I think what actually happens is that left and right get flipped when he’s close to the corner. I’ve had cases where holding towards the corner moves me away from it.

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It is practically impossible to get timing locked out between Aganos’ linkers and a subsequent manual because the break window on the linker is so absurdly large. In fact, it feels easier to get a Counter Hit Combo Breaker on a LK manual than it is to get locked out. This means that the break window extends into the startup frames of the manual. Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of doing a manual in the first place?

  1. Record a dummy Aganos to do opener > any linker > a manual.
  2. Try to get locked out after the recovery of the linker by breaking with the strength corresponding to the linker.
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Okay this is getting to the point where I’m just being ignored. I have been in contact with developers through email and halfway through the process of helping me with my issue they just stopped responding to me. I have sent about 7 emails asking for any sort of update and have gotten nothing back for over 2 months. I was told they would keep me updated as they work to find a solution. I’m literally unable to play a significant amount of the cast that I payed for. They wont even email me back to say they don’t have anything yet and it has become very frustrating. Please if somebody could respond it would be greatly appreciated. @developers @CStyles45 @rukizzel

Shadow Lord Bug.

During the “The Cult of Gargos” mission. If the second character is ARIA it is possible to fail the mission by killing her too quickly.

Using the Snake Guardian, if ARIA is in instinct and dies while having at least two bodies available, the game will finish too fast, prompting you to face the next enemy despite there being only two enemies in the mission. The result screen will pop up, a dead ARIA says her generic mimic quote, then the mission will fail.

This will lead to a dead character and corruption since the game hasn’t giving you your rewards, deeming that you must have failed the mission to reach this outcome. Not fun when giving your character a Shadow Lord buff.

Shadow Lord Bug.

Playing as ARIA during any mission with multiple enemies cause her to regain all health for the next fight. Despite the result screen showing the percentage of all of her health, she will regain all health and keep her current shadow and instinct levels for each new fight.

I hope this bug never gets fixed. :slight_smile:

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Its a very handy bug, and I agree with @FengShuiEnergy, I too hope it never gets fixed.
Also its not just in the same mission. Every turn, she retains full health so you never need to heal her.

You know, it actually makes sense. Every character is unique. Fulgore and Aria are the only ones that can “transfer” themselfs into another body. So it makes sense that Aria never uses a damaged body: she simply loads herself into a different one. She doesn’t need to travel to anywhere: In one second, she is in the Pinnacle, USA. Then Tosando is under attack, she uploads herself in a full repaired body located in Japan, and here we go!

Fulgore could be considered as more “expendable” as sentient being. A Fulgore is fixed on the fly, and if get’s defeated, repaired and put in action again.


Well only ARIA has a transferable mind. the fulgore unit are just one mind in one body. So destroying one you can build another.

Not sure if this is a bug but ARIA doesn’t get a supreme victory if she still has two bodies left (she’s still in the green zone). So shouldn’t that technically mean that as long as she has a green health bar she should get a supreme victory?

Don’t know if this is 100% or not but, I believe causing a mid round pause takes away the supreme. So losing one body entirely while no harm was done to the other 2 would include a mid round pause. Assuming that is true, you should still get a supreme having 3 bodies on a pixel of life each. Worth a try to test.

I think the question becomes whether the loss of a Supreme triggers based on losing a lifebar , not being on your final life bar , or based on a percentage of health.

If the former, ARIA should only get a Supreme if she hasn’t lost any of her bodies, but the system wouldn’t care about the amount of health.

If the second, ARIA could lose one body, regardless of health.

If the third, you’d need at least 50.01% of her overall health, so you’d have to have at least two bodies anyway; but because health matters, having all three bodies with a tiny amount of health each wouldn’t give you a Supreme.

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Not sure if the first one is shadow lords only or all around bug, but…

  1. Why didn’t the web trigger my shadow counter?
  2. Why didn’t my ward armour absorb the hit?