Official Justice League Trailer

Dothraki of the Deep


I can’t wait for the trailer that shows Superman coming back to life

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I can’t wait for the trailer showing Darksied killing Batman.

EDIT: Aquaman looks great! I don’t like how Bruce Wayne is kinda acting like Tony Stark. And Cyborg’s CG looks like crap.

I’m excited for the Wonder Woman movie. If that is good, I’ll be excited for this.

Not a fan of Cyborg or the Flash’s costumes. I hope they can turn things around with the DC cinematic universe, because I think Affleck could be a great Batman if he got a good script and director. It’s hard to believe WB went from putting out award winning movies like The Dark Knight to garbage like BvS.


cant not wait for that movie i want to see stephenwolf and green latern cameo…
i like how cyborg looks like…
and i dont thing personally that ben is acting like tony stark

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Hmm. Looks like it’d be entertaining…maybe just a hair bit of a step up from Suicide Squad. Definitely not Avengers level, but I’d go watch it.

Also, I wouldn’t worry too much about Cyborg’s wonky CG. If the final version looks like that, yeah I’d complain. But for now I’d just consider it a work in progress.