OFFICIAL Combat Survey Discussion Thread

I just wouldn’t touch it. Everyone remembers what happened with patch 3.4 right? I don’t really feel like repeating that again on another part of the game. I’m good thanks.

I want KI to work properly thank you very much.

I like the point CrazyLCD brought up about not being able to cancel invincible reversals into safe shadow moves, I’d be just as happy to see them not cancel into Instinct despite how big of a chance that’d be. Really, I’m for anything that punishes throwing out reversals harder.
As far as white life, it’d be nice if it took a little more time to recover so resets are worth more.

But instinct cancel is something every character has. Granted not every character has a reversal but hey, the option is still there.

Counter Breakers are very inconsistent in juggles. You as the offender have to worry about being precise with what frame you input the counter, whereas the opponent can mash without much punishment and actually nullify your first frame attempt. Basically you can have a dead hard read and know the opponent will try to break and still not be able to do squat about it.

Theres 2 very obvious option selects when breaking on the ground, one is wrongfully reading/guessing mediums and the other is heavys. With medium you could either break, or perform a shadow counter if the opponent goes for a reset or drops, and with heavys, you can get a break or a first frame instinct activation if the opponent drops or resets the opening or combo.

The issue is that you try to counter break but the opponent locks out instead and then the counter breaker comes out resulting in a punish.

I agree. I mean I get each season represents a new mode, but having them segmented as they are by restricting what characters can be used just feels very odd.

I like what the modes offer, but I really wished they expanded it with the other members of the cast, instead of it being a “one and done” kinda thing.

I answered “about right” for most of it. Really happy with how the game is currently except for a few bugs. I’d just like to bring up the surveys question about breaking, do people really think its “too easy”? Doing combos in this game is “easy” so why wouldn’t breaking be? If you’re getting broken left and right, there’s a mechanic in place to stop that and please don’t bring up how counters breakers are “unreliable”. Eh just how I feel about it. I don’t usually like getting into this stuff but if others have some kind of influence on balance in the future that kinda worries me cause, you know, I play this game too.

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I agree, and this is just my opinion, but making Combo Breakers easier/harder to me is kinda like saying, “you know, the standard down, down/forward, forward attack is too easy; everyone’s been doing it since S1, we should make it more difficult to perform.”

Of course players that have been playing since S1 know how to efficiently break combos, but what would making them more difficult accomplish other than making combos more one-sided in favor of the attacker? The back & forth meta game would likely be gone, or at least it would severely suffer. And IMHO making that part of the game more difficult would only hurt casuals, as the more hardcore audience would simply adjust.

…but that’s just my opinion. Take it for what you will.

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Well, the first thing is mostly untrue. Your opponent “nullifying your first frame attempt” is actually just them locking themselves out. So…maybe just let those players hang themselves? You do have to be somewhat precise inputting your counter break but at minimum we’re still talking a 5 frame window to input from the startup of a light normal to the first active frame. And the second thing…I mean, I guess you could do that, yeah? Seems like medium isn’t a very good option select since you could just as easily get blown up for it, though.

I feel any more talk about how breakers are supposedly unreliable runs a serious risk of getting way off topic with a discussion that’s been beaten into the dirt already so let’s just move on.


Resets are for patient players. They don’t really work on someone who just happens to be mashing all day. There’s solution for that though.

Just keep doing your combo till you either counter break or get broken. You’re back to neutral. rinse and repeat til the match is over. All the while studying habits.

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Guess we’ll agree to disagree then. Personally I have no personal problem (struggle) with the way the combo system is currently set up, I simply don’t like it and just avoid playing since I’m not having fun anymore. I do realize others are content with it and that’s fine, but I’m not and find it rather braindead.

I avoid complaining and don’t post much, just wanted to share my opinion on the matter since this is an official survey thread.

Personally I’m curious about what you guys think about juggles and how much KV they build versus the amount of potential damage they build. From my experience juggles build a lot of KV but the potential damage they add isn’t that high so they don’t seem worth it unless you can cash it out afterwards and a lot of juggles sacrifice the damage and power of a proper ender.

“22. How would you rate your skill at playing Killer Instinct?”

  • Me: “(1) Not Skilled”

Well, at least I was honest. ;-;


Agreed, and normally I wouldn’t mind, but with some characters where finding the right opening is akin to spotting bigfoot in the middle of a metropolitan city it can become a major source of irritation.

Well that is the price one pays for being harder to break. Seems like a fair trade.

What characters are talkin’ about here?

That’s understandable but maybe add a little more potential damage for non flipout characters so that if they decide to juggle afterwards they get something out of it afterwards. A lot of present juggle characters that benefit a lot from it end in flip out and get some free mixups/pressure.

Being very MU specific actually, but yeah, a character like say Raam going up against say Kan Ra or Gargos.

That is the life of a grappler. Always has been. Long range you’re pretty much a joke character. Close range is where the fun’s at. Getting there can be rough.

You mean like shago?