OFFICIAL Combat Survey Discussion Thread

Well that’s a grappler for you.

I like the idea of lockouts removing some KV or removing some scaling or something, although like anything else you never quite know the results when you add something like that.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm…I’ll pass on that idea. I don’t think lockouts need to do anything other then restrict breakers.

Judging from the single player question, any chance we could get an Arcade Mode/Story Mode for all 3 seasons?

Seasons 1+3 getting Rivals Mode
Seasons 2+3 getting Arcade Mode

Or at the very least, a mural for S3 after beating Shadow Lords?

I don’t like the idea of putting more emphasis on resets then there already is - the idea that you could potentially use them to negate breaking altogether worries me. It would also make the game harder for newer players versus those who would use the resets in the suggested scenario made earlier.


I said just about everything was about right…

…except for the one about PD fully vanishing upon getting combo broken.

Don’t worry, I’m not one of those people who thinks guess breaks are too strong in this game. But I feel like many characters in the game that focus heavily on resets to build up damage and PD (Sadira, Wulf, Shago, even Kim to an extent) can feel a lot of frustration when they land the reset, and then they are broken and their progress goes away. I don’t know a good way to adjust this because the risk/reward on this mechanic is VERY debatable. If it doesn’t change, I won’t mind, but a small adjustment to this wouldn’t be unwelcome to me.

An idea I have is maybe take a small percentage of the PD pre-break, and return that to the offender who got broken as shadow/instinct/health meter. I’m open to ideas (as I’m sure you devs are as well :slight_smile: ).


Also I know this wasn’t in the survey but while we’re on the subject of future balance can we please universally get rid of canceling invincible reversals into safe shadow moves :slight_smile:


Nah, keep it. I kinda want thunder’s L DP to come back.

Yeah, I noticed when it referenced the story mode it referred to it as story/arcade, which IMHO would be fine, but as is it’s all jumbled and…well, inconsistant. S1 has no boss (Shago was hidden, so doesn’t count) and multiple endings, S2 had a boss, so to speak, but wasn’t used for half the S2 cast, and now we have a true boss, maybe 2, but no S3 story/arcade addition. I sincerely hope a reworking is…er… in the works.


I agree with LCD about breaking being too easy, especially for players that have been playing since season 1. Theres more reward for the defender than the offender. Counter Breakers are too risky (especially as some characters that barely find openings) and inconsistent to deter all the option selects via breakers that the defending party has.

How can they be made more difficult to utilize or how can they carry more risk? I don’t know the answer to that unfortunately. Theres so many ways they can adjust them, each with it’s risks and consequences. But are they too easy and rewarding to perform? I think so in my opinion.

In what ways are counter breakers inconsistent, and what option selects do the breaking players have?

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Hmmmmmmm…I’m gona let this one go.

I think a few things can be reworjed. The speed on pd recovery is too fast. A slow down would be very interesting. Also the risk/reward from counter breakers and combo breakers are very uneven. Counter breakers just feel really inconsistent. I think when combined with a slower lockout icon, getting a counter breaker right after a lock out is just frustrating. Perhaps if you attempt a counter breaker during a lockout, a throw tech or something happens that heals some of the opponent pd but not all? This would be nice.

That’s a player problem though…

Breaking standard auto-doubles and linkers are very easy when compared to manuals and flipouts.
If I were to make one thing “easier to read” it would be flipouts - I like them conceptually, but find them to have created the biggest gap between skill levels, and not for the better. Earlier in Season 2 they added the notification that you had misread a broke, but there’s very little similar for realizing you have been flipped out. Perhaps more of a visual cue? They happen/occur so fast, that for newer players I imagine it can be extremely frustrating.

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Partially. Being frustrated at lag is also a player problem. The thing is that part of it is a factor you cannot control.

I disagree. I think the CB system is fine as is, and it’s your suggestions along with others that it’s too easy or too hard and that that will cause those changes to occur that genuinely worry me, as I said in the other thread. It’s hard enough to learn to recognize everyone’s attack strength animations for newer players, and reducing said number of animations would not be challenging enough as well as feed into other FG fans (in opposition to KI) thoughts regarding canned or re-use animations.

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One can only do so much with lag. Compensating for that I don’t think would be a good idea by that I mean breakers.

Can we elaborate on this? Players are upset about being counter broken at the end of a lockout?
I consistently use Spinal’s Skeleton hand manuals to take advantage of this timing and counter break over-eager breaking players. What’s the issue here? :sweat:

Well then don’t mash. It happens to everyone.