Of Dead Girls and Demonic Jagos

I had a few epic fights today against a Hisako main and a Sjago. For those of you who are struggling with the match ups as Sadira, feel free to disect this vid.
Hisako is a bit tricky as its literally ALL mind games, and you need to use Sadira’s throw quite a bit to make the Hisako afraid of using a counter.
Sjago is all about dodging fire balls and baiting certain moves.

I had just REALLY started playing with my new Elite controller when I fought Shago, so there is a lot of goofiness to some of my moves. The first fight with Hisako was earlier tonight. You can see that I vastly improved. :smiley:


What’s driving me crazy is the amount of white damage on you that wasn’t capitalized on.

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Yup. He got greedy. Instead of cashing out what damage he had, he tried to go for another reset, but this time, I was ready.

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