Observation about survey

I’m was looking at the list of characters you could have voted for on the survey, and if you discount Eyedol, for obvious reasons, and the re-imaginings, there are 8 characters you can pick from. How many characters are in a season? 8. We will have to wait and see, but it makes me wonder.


If that is representative of the S4, count me in!

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normally i would say:

“Because development takes forever, Season 4 is probably already thought-out and in production”.

But with IG, you never know. Everything seems on-the-spot. So i doubt the list is a real indication. Maybe 2 of these are real, but i think that would be it.

most of these are characters that everyone kind of wants, and the only one I can honestly say I don’t is the Halo Brute. If they cut him and give us one of the reworks, and another rework as a bonus character, then I would be down.

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Is there anything about the Halo Brute that would be good for KI? Dose it offer anything? Is it even an actually character? I kind of feel like it would be like putting a Goomba in smash bros. Iconic, sure, but very generic.

I don’t even know what “Halo Brute” would mean, as I have zero knowledge of that franchise, aside from Master Chief (which, as a name, kind of weirds me out) and Cortana. I could probably google it, but meh. I’d rather be surprised like I was with Arbiter (whom I had never heard of until KI).

Crackdown Agent sounded lame until I read about Adam’s idea for it’s gameplay. Could be really cool, actually.

Really though, so long as IF there is another batch of characters, Wendigo and Lovecraft show up, I’ll be happy.

Who am I kidding? So long as they continue to support the game and keep the servers running, I’m a happy camper.

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I’d definitely be down for that roster, but only because I wouldn’t be able to hold myself from purchasing x’D

I honestly don’t want another 8 characters in the roster. I believe it’ll be too much for a game this matchup-intensive.

As for the brute, he’s definitely the least likeable character in that list for me. Still, I can see him being pretty unique as a close quarters heavy brawler with slow swings that would break your defense, causing a unique guard break stagger that would leave him positive while not guaranteeing a combo, and stuff like that. He could also have some sort of projectiles to help fight against zoners, like really low-damage projectiles but fast enough to disrupt zoning.


The Brutes in Halo are large ape-like aliens, even bigger than the Elites like Arbiter. They’re massive, muscular and aggressive usually wielding a giant hammer and rushing head first into battle.

Not to spoil the surprise. lol


Oh snap! You said “ape-like” and “giant hammer”!



If we had to get a Brute, I’d want Tartarus from Halo 2. He’s kind of the anti-Arbtier in the story, plus he’s got attitude in spades.

I personally think the Crackdown Agent sounds the worst to me from that list, I mean really… Other than him/her I’d pay for those characters to be my season 4. Just make the magical archer a Naga/Gorgon and I’m sold.


1000 times this. I feel like they’d be missing out if they didn’t have this archetype.


A Halo Brute would actually be pretty cool to have in KI. Seeing what IG has done with the other guest characters, I have faith that they would do a Brute justice. That being said, SOOOO many people would complain about having yet another “big character” in the game.

And about having an Agent in KI…

The only way an Agent would be OK is if you could make the Agent look HOWEVER you wanted to. The cosmetic options in KI right now wouldn’t be sufficient to do Crackdown any good. You would need a create-a-character mechanic of something, Lol!

All that being said though, the stand out on the list to me is a Djinn.

How the hell could TJ combo, or any of the other KI guys other than Gargos or Eyedol, fight a Djinn? Lol! And if it is a free Djinn, it would NEED to be the top bad guy of S4, that or be a side character who just makes mischief in the lore.

Anyway, depending on how it is done, it could be amazing. Now to quote the movie Aladdin (maybe my favorite line of that movie):



I would love a halo brute in KI I always preferred them to the elites(still love the elites though) as for a crackdown agent I’d be pretty damn disappointed to have one in KI. I don’t know anything about crackdown and when I did play a little bit of it it bored me to sleep.

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She could even be a rival to Sadira, a long range group of assassins. Spiders vs Snakes, let the rivalry begin.

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That is a very true statement, you can’t really have a character in the game that’s supposed to be the player’s character. Nobody wants to be the generic Dragonborn from Skyrim or the generic hero from Fable. Those types of characters reflect the player and are boring on purpose, since they were made to be anything you want them to be.

Humm, yeah, now that I think about it, the sole reason why I felt a crackdown agent might be interesting is because he could feel the gunslinger “archtype”.

But then again, we’d have joanna dark for that, so yeah.

No crackdown agent for me, thanks xD

love the idea of the magical archer being a gorgon, btw!

In case any of us missed the post about Adam’s Agent concept:

This is why I approve of Crackdown Agent. If it weren’t for this, I would agree with everyone nay-saying. But this sounds bloody awesome!

The orbs thing might be a bit of a visual fustercluck, but aside from that, I WANT THIS CHARACTER! Though many of us have differing opinions on the guest character topic, I choose to look at it like this:
Has this character existed in a fighting game before? If no, very good, bring’em on! If so… well… I dunno.

I’m not advocating for Smash-levels of guestdom, I just don’t see the harm in a good handful, so long as they bring something new to the table. In my eyes, Rash, Arby and RAAM are guests, but ALSO KI originals. The concepts don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I’m not saying anyone’s opinion is wrong here, just providing my own.

Crackdown is another one of those games I know virtually nothing about (yes, I DO live under a rock!), so bear with me here… What if they were to use an Accessory slot for gender, and use the colors for ethnicity? Could that be an acceptable compromise?


Dude. That Crackdown Agent thing sounds awesome. I’d be down. I remember reading this. Thanks for the refresher! :smiley:

And A quick overview, Crackdown was basically an Open-world game in which you played as a Genetically Engineered Super Soldier, taking out the Criminal Underworld. You could (Eventually collecting orbs with different abilities reperesenting the skill) leap over buildings, blow up cars with a single punch, toss Semi Trucks into people and such. It’s an amazing game to play with friends. :slight_smile:

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Oh snap, I gotta play that game. I mostly just play KI, RoA, and a little Overwatch here and there… it’s been a while since I played a “just for fun” kind of game (not implying I don’t game for fun, that’s ridiculous, but you get what I’m saying I hope). I love open-world superhuman shenanigans… think the last game like that I played was Saints Row 4.

On topic: I’m suddenly really really hoping for more guests. I mean, I’ve never been against it, but between @xCrimsonLegendx’s explanation of the Brute and Adam’s breakdown of the Agent… MAAAANNNNN!!! It sucks to get hype about hypotheticals…!


Hopefully if Crackdown 3 ever comes out very soon from Development Hell, I’m DEFINETLY picking up that one. Full Scale Destructible Cities, with SuperPowers?

Yes Please XD

I love guests. People don’t share my opinion, but hey. Someone gave me an Idea of how a character like Kratos could work in KI.

I was like :open_mouth: