Objective Based Mode

We need a game mode where instead of straight on fighting to deplete the meter, you capture objectives around the stage, and in order to capture a taken objective, you need to fight your opponents. Like a full out Titan Brawl with lasers. Maybe have a few game modes that are similar like Capture the “Flag”. The flag can be related to the character, like capture the dragon, capture the core, capture the crashed alien space ship, etc. how about even capture the Izzy and Drek?

Or another mode where you just fight waves and waves of players. 1 against 30 players to win the match. Obviously this would be for more serious competitive players.

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This gave me an idea, Royal Rumble. Based off WWE’s Royal Rumble but fitting for KI. Whereas opponents are placed into a lobby-based system and they fight on each other randomly with a random character selected upon their entry.

For example, Joe, Josh, Jake and Jane enter a lobby, they are given random characters once they join in, two are selected at random; Joe and Jane. Jane then defeats Joe and is placed back into the random pool, the catch being that she keeps her current life along with the character she was initially force to select.

I guess it’s pretty silly and would obviously be broken, but I think it would be fun. I suppose it can actually be done now, if someone took the initiative, though, maintaining the life bar throughout would be the only issue.

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