Nvidia Shield Controller

Has anyone had any luck using a Nvidia Shield Controller with KI on Windows 10 yet? Unfortunately I do not have an Xbox1 and do not plan on buying one. So I do not have one of those controllers.

Thank you

I haven’t tried my Shield controller as I have a 360 arcade stick to use which works fine. I really doubt that it will work as official controller support as far as I know is limited to 360 controllers (not even Xbox One controllers, though drivers supposedly are on the way).

I tried and it doesn’t work at all. I’m really sad because I have 3 Nvidia Controller… I also tried with PS3 controller… nothing work. I bought this game thinking I will be able to play with friends but looks like I can’t. I hope they will fix it soon!

I tried also with my old Saitek P880. Nothing work…

Why Microsoft is the only one who doesn’t support full controllers…