Now, windows 10version problems

  1. during ranked match serching crashed

  2. keyboard control setting reset. ( game quit and restart -> controller setting is changed to default)

  3. not support fullscreen. now, this game fullscreen is borderless window. we want real full screen.

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How do you play KI with a keyboard?

What’s the problem though?

Yet to install KI on my PC, but I played SG, GG, DoA, MK (9 and X), IGAU on it just fine. I find it to be a great device unless you need to do 360/720s with no shortcuts available. It’s basically a hitbox.

KI looks pretty KB-friendly to me, unless there are some software-level issues with that (why would there be?).

The game never supported fullscreen. It has always been borderless windowed mode.

1 during ranked match serching crashed or exibition
2 I’m waiting my turn in a lobby when suddenly the message saying that the creator of the room left

For the record, we have this thread: