Now that Arbiter is in s3, who wants to see characters from Gears of War in s4?

I, being a fan of Halo and Gears of War, recently joined the KI community in January, but didn’t really get my first win until recently. Anyway, being a fan of Gears, I would like to see a Gears character in s4. And the Halo fan in me wants to see the Chief in the future too.


No more guest characters, imo.

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Gears4 is coming up this year!

What about fan characters?

Did we all just get flagged for talking about gears of war characters in an off topic post about gears of war characters? :laughing:


Give me a Juri character please.


I would love to see skorge :smile:

Well people really wanted a hyper sexualized women and monsters sooo


Is that a fruit?

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That looks like a pile of ground beef in lingerie.

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Sexy blob is most sexy!

I can make out a torso and…legs? But overall looks like a multiple giant mutated cherries something…

Well aince my post got flagged…

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this thread :joy:

Pretty much.


Hmmm that first picture…hmmmmmm yeah…I’d tap it.