Notifications - Delayed/Repeated

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Not sure what’s causing it, but notifications for the forums have been delayed (sometimes by several hours), missing, or even repeated (though I know this happens sometimes when a post is edited) for the last day or so.

I’ve noticed this in the bubble icons for Likes, Replies, Mentions and PMs, as well as the popup preview.

This is happening in Firefox, Chrome, and on my iphone’s Safari browser, and @TheNinjaOstrich has also been experiencing the same odd behavior, so I assume it’s something on the site’s end.


I have too actually, but I merely thought it was me having bad internet, but I’ve had the same delayed behavior on my notifications as well.

Can confirm, been having this issue myself… not delayed I think, but a lot missing.

Yeah, after I created that Gargos as an announcer topic, I got like 4 responses pretty quickly, but they didn’t even show up on my notifications until a few hours later, and by then I had already seen them.

I had told Skeletal in a PM that a post actually sent became delayed for an hour or 2. Don’t know if that was my internet, or the site though.

Just now got a notification for:

Time wrote? 5 Hours ago.

So it’s not just me… Thanks for everything. Going to see if we can figure out what is going on.

I’m getting this too.

Should be fixed now, btw. Had to do with services, bottlenecking, and a whole bunch of other jargon that our web-dev rattled off like I understood.

Let me know if it is still happening!

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Whew! I thought I’m only who had notifications delayed…

Bump, coz it still seems to be happening.

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Problem is baaaccck!

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