Noticing alot of buggs in the game

Now you guys prolly remember me acting a fool ,i apologize but i had drug problems and was on heavy pain meds from surgeries now im sober but enough of noticing players shadow countering non shadow moves, ive seen people breaking ultra combos??? yeah its crazy,is this because of the windows 10 cross platforming? we all know PC desktops hackers are the best in the bizz and im wondering if its because of those elite,loser hack jobs?? can anyone elaborate??

Not weird at all. You can shadow counter anything as long there’s 2 hits in the window to catch.

Please provide video evidence as this is just not possible.

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i can try to find that but i reported him as cheating,now is their crossplatforming with windows 10? that was a wrong move because ive seen the worst and wicked things that desktop hackers can do,but i dont know ,microsoft told me the xbox one couldnt be hacked?? ill try but how would i transfer the video to my PC on these forums

his name was rocco destroyer ??? and i blocked him and reported him,other than that the fight was on the 25th and i have no fight archive from that day,is it because i blocked him that i cant see the archived fight?

If you think you’ve found a bug, post it in the Official Bug Reporting Thread rather than making a new thread. And make sure to supply evidence and/or a way to recreate the bug.

As mentioned, we already have a thread for these. Please use it :slight_smile: