Notable Players Attending Combo Breaker 2017 Who Are Registered for KI

Man just looking at the pools it seems to be a great turnout for KI.

Hope everyone does well and has lots of fun! I’ll be rooting especially for the forum regulars. :grin::+1:

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To put a damper the 2 things everyone’s talking about:

  1. Pools aren’t final, they’re probably gonna change before the actual tournament. Don’t get too attached.

  2. Justin Wong signed up, but the time overlaps with SFV and we all know which one he’s gonna drop from.

Neither thing means this isn’t going to be an awesome tournament, but still.

It’s pretty reasonable to play in two pool blocks at the same time, if you tell your pool runner and stuff. Combo Breaker is good about that.

Having said that, there is pretty much a 0% chance Justin will play in his KI pool, but I don’t think it’s because his SFV pool is at the same time.

I’ve already said this…Justin wong NEVER plays in KI tournaments anymore. He just registers to support the pot. He likes the game but doesn’t want to invest in laying because other games are worth his time and energy (plus they have bigger pots). Then there are other system changes he was not fond of.

It’s going to be a great tournament as always, cant wait to watch it :+1:t4:.

YOU’RE ON THE FORUMS ! I couldn’t sense your power level😂

:joy::joy::joy:, just joined not to long ago. & im still down 4 that set whenever you feel like pawning me. Ima try an not make it easy 4 you :+1:t4:

Can’t even spell my name right? So triggered


Cool :+1: Sharpen up that Jago my friend

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I’m sorry :sob:

I was very bussy this weekend, please does anyone can share a link to watch this tournament?

Also everyone if you don’t know 3 people will make it out of each pool this year and will go to 24 -> top 8.

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Man it’s this weekend.

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It’s this coming weekend. Starts on the 26th.

Sorry , and thanks. i will try to see it .

I just realized my pool starts Saturday, so I got an extra full day at Combo Breaker to practice.


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I’ll be watching from Singapore, so don’t get bodied :slight_smile:

That goes for you too @ItzTymeToDul :smile:


Looking these pools I’ll get out. I’m training for top 8 contendership so I’m sleeping on no one.

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I haven’t gotten to practice much, work has been kicking my butt. I have no delusions that I’ll make it out of pools, plus I main Sadira. Thinking about taking my Xbox since I’ll be in town Thursday afternoon but that thing is a beast to lug around and I’m too lazy to copy KI to the internal drive.

Wulf was my backup but I haven’t touched him in about a year. Still not great at Sadira’s mix-ups either and I totally fail if I can’t escape pressure. I have her juggles down though.

Just going to do my best and support KI.

After CB I really need to sit down and learn Maya and Wulf. Sadira will always be my main but her damage output is sad.