Not that Ranked matters. But if it did

Last week the day before Shin Hisako became available I was playing some online ranked matches. In one of my matches I bumped into a player who got early access to the character and was already level 30 on her. He beat me 2-1 and I found it mildly frustrating that I had no idea what I was up against or how to play the matchup as I’ve had no access to the character to see what she can do. Anyways it’s not really a big deal since ranked is kind of a joke in this game, but I feel like if ranked wasn’t a joke that kind of thing would be a lot more frustrating.

It was on Thursday night so I thought maybe I had just missed something and the character was out, but I checked the store after and she was still unavailable, he was also already level 30 as I said and a recognizable community leader so I have to assume it was an early access thing.

Anyways, mostly irrelevant just some thoughts I had. If they ever change the ranked system to something more meaningful I hope this type of situation is prevented from happening.

It is just someone wanting to show off that they got her early, and get easy points because most people didn’t know her setups and strengths at that time. They probably didn’t want to alter the game to lock her out of rank, like they did with early Gargos. I don’t want to say anymore without knowing who it was.

They should have locked her out since nobody knows the matchup yet and there is currently a ganebreaking glitch with her atm

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Yeah I just thought it was kind of lame since how could I possibly know how to fight her. But I specifically left the name out because I’m not interested in grabbing pitchforks. Just bringing up the thought that if ranked was more meaningful this kind of thing would be really lame to deal with.

The favoritism is pretty strong in this community. It’s easier to just accept it and move on.

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I mean she is available for all modes. Practice too. If your complaining about not knowing the matchup then the tools have been there to learn it since Friday.

I mean if this annoy you might as well lock out all characters for a couple weeks when they come out to learn the matchup. And that doesn’t seem right.

There was some people that tried her early during the KI World Cup but that was just for a few hours in order to help with the showcase tutorial walk through thing. If you happen to run into that person I doubt those few hours of gameplay “really” made a difference in tens of matchup knowledge…especially if you yourself was playing a character that was probably out for a many months to even a year

OP was clearly referring to before her release, he ran into someone using her in ranked play. There is at least one person I know of that had her before release.

Good lord, read my post. I’ll be patiently waiting for your apology :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You could train against her before her release. She was selectable as the training mode dummy and you could look at her frame data in the move list since last Tuesday.

Ah interesting, this I did not know. I mean I still rather be able to play as her to get a feel but that would have been helpful to know.

Fine lol my bad. I didn’t see Thursday night and assumed you meant"early" as in the early Friday date.

Still considering the lack of transparency behind this from IG not to mention your the only person that came forward with this claim and the timing, Thursday night when she comes out the next day I don’t think this decision the person made to go on rank was one endorsed and encouraged by IG. Nor is it such a wide spread problem that warrants a post like this.

Whoever it was shouldn’t have played her online much less ranked and I don’t think he was given the go ahead by the devs to do so. If they were given permission there would be a post explaining why someone has her early.

I also don’t think it’s a huge deal. I’d much rather the prioritize making ranked meaningful over anything else at this point.

What changes would you like changed?

I’d like ranked to match you based on a skill rating that goes up or down based on who you win and lose against. There is no floor and no ceiling to the skill rating. Obviously you gain more skill points if you beat someone with a higher skill rating and less if you’re the higher skill rating player.

Right now there is a system that doesn’t care how good a player is just what their rank is. The ranks initially work similarly but they have floors that people cannot derank from. As a result killer tier has a huge disparity of skill and overall the ranks don’t mean much. To be super simple there’s essentially two ranks Brand new players which are people who are < Gold and everybody else. people Gold and up.

I like rewarding players with experience and giving them symbolic means for being active and leveling up their characters. But I’d also like an actual skill rating that signifies a players actual ability to play the game. In an ideal world much of this would be tied to a character with whom you choose before you que.