Not Showing up as Xbox One X Enhanced?

Hey all,

I currently own eight Xbox One games and I was toying around with Filters under My Games and Apps. I saw one was for “Xbox One X Enhanced,” and I selected that, and Killer Instinct is not showing up!

I do indeed have an Xbox One X console, and both my DOOM and Halo franchise games are properly showing up as “Enhanced” under the filter.

Is this happening for anyone else? Does your Xbox One version of Killer Instinct show up under said filter? Can someone confirm the game’s install size with the 4K patch installed?


It doesn’t show up in the store with this tag either (maybe an issue with the database). I wouldn’t care too much about it, even if the game is old, it looks and runs pretty impressive on the one x.
The install size is about 48 GB.

Okay, good. My install size is just under 48 GB, so that means I should indead have the 4k patch.