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Just taking a huge break till i git gud

Don’t use damage ender unless you are going to kill your oponent, use hard Knockdown ender(tail flip), and then use flame carpet before they wake up. Using this, they are forced to deal with the flame carpet, either blocking, using an invincible reversal, or jumping

-If they block, you could go for a mixup. Predator stance-MK/MP for an easy low/high mixup, tail flip for L/R mixups, surprise them with a throw…
-If they try to use an invincible reversal, like a DP, just waiting for it, blocking it, and punishing may lead into another combo with another flame carpet, and here we go again
-If they jump, anti air them(you could even use clever girl to bounce them into LK for a flipout, or recapture them with tail flip/shadow tail flip)

Once you block a couple wake up reversals in this scenario, they may stop using them, allowing you to go nuts in your mixups. Most of the time you should go to this ender to keep momentum, making your opponent guess every time, and frustrating them with any attempt

Edit: Also, take a good look at this:

Thank you man. Do you Main riptor? Are you up for a set?

I don’t main Riptor, but I’m familiar about her mechanics, and I can’t play a set right now, maybe during weekend

After a forward throw, you can also set the flame carpet


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Something I’ve always loved doing. From the other end of the screen launch 3 mortars, while the other guy gets ready with a high block double tap forward and hold on the 2nd tap to run across the screen and use tail trip (R trigger on Xbox controller) for the knock down, than you can lay down flame carpets on top so they take damage as soon as they get up. While they are cornered you can deal alot of damage.

@MandrillManiac @aWholio & @FiyahLiger have a pretty good idea of how to use Riptor.

Otherwise I have some fun tips:

-If someone is trying to zone you out with fireballs at full screen, just shift into Predator Stance and they’ll sail right over you!

-Remember that you can cancel your dashes (or runs in this case) into attacks. This can help you close distance and surprise your opponent. Light and medium buttons will cancel into the appropriate Special, while Heavy buttons trigger unique dashing attacks. You can also cancel into her highly damaging throw, which can lead to lots of good stuff. These attacks (specifically the Heavies) are especially effective in Instinct since her run gets a speed boost and her heavy attacks get more range.

-Don’t rely on any one tactic. Riptor had a pretty big tool kit so you should experiment with different styles of play.

While that tech is generally good, as a Sadira main, once a Ripterling starts belching fire balls from the other side of the screen, I just causally double jump them until said Ripterling gets impatient and tries to advance… to their DOOM! :smiley:

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Wow, I’m the only one who uses the damage ender? lol

meaty HK on their wake up is nice! =D

Hit & Run, Use her Normals into her Mix-ups, Drain their health with Instinct Flame resets, and hyper-randomly season your gameplay with Tail Flips (All Ranges).

I’ve been playing Riptor for years already so landing clever girl anti-airs and using it to crush fireballs and neutral jumps is just my forté.