Not Digging Eagle

got Eagle to lvl 10 and for the first time i’m not digging this new char. He doesn’t have that “ummpph” factor like the other characters. Maybe it’s just me but his move sets and design feel flat. Anyone feels the same way?

There’s a couple of things I’m still scratching my head about on him, such as figuring when to appropriately use wingspan without just flailing around getting killed, but keep in mind (and this goes for everyone) that not every character will appeal to every player. Personally I’m not a fan of Cinder’s gameplay, even though I rather enjoyed him in KI1. But that’s ok because I have other characters I do enjoy.

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I love rushing in with Eagle. Some players don’t know what to do when you play him that way. :slight_smile:

I think the Eagle assist is pretty cool.

My impression is that he is just like Kilgore. Hard to understand what you really must do with the character. But when you understand, he becames NASTY.

Well folks, I can honestly say, that I truly LOVE this character… I love everything about him…


Beating dozens of Eagles online has given me a boost to my Killer points!

My Sadira has never felt so victorious! :smiley:


Day one BABY eagle don’t know yet how to properly SHOOT a fly in the air. just wait that he grow up then you wil feel it. lomfao

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The hype for this character is not real, some may like him some do not.

Hey, I’m enjoying basking in the sun right now. :smiley: I DO know it’ll rain any day now though. :slight_smile:

I think he is OK, I like the bird assists but one of the things that I noticed that put me off at bit is his facial animation. When he gets hit or thrown it looks like he has the same static look on his face. Never opens his mouth at all. Kind of stiff looking.

Call me crazy, but as long as I have played this game
all I ever used is Riptor.

VERY seldom Kim-Wu\Tusk.

Its like Riptor 98 percent.
Why? Because Riptor will
always be cooler then your fighter.

Il probably never see Eagle, except
when Riptor is ripping him to shreds…

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As predicted he didn’t look like his hero art and something’s off with the hair

I do like the premium accessories.

The danger theme sounds very much like shin Hisako
I’m not particularly moved by the ultra

But it’s another added FREE character so it’s a good thing overall just not OMG excellence. Truth.

I’m ready for the next gen KI It really deserves an updated engine

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