Noob trying to understand EVO situation

I’m not intending to start any bickering as I’m aware this is probably a hot topic in this forum but I’m simply not here and available enough to read it all.

Anyways, last time I checked the “9th slot fund” at EVO 2017 for KI was something like four grand behind UMvC3, futhermore considering how it has been stated on the record that Microsoft intends for Killer Instinct to become a flagship title with intentions to grow the community (even with fan speculation that the next iteration of KI could be a AAA title in par with MKXL and such), and yet even futhermore with all the sales of Kilgore and potential sales with the next two mystery characters…

…considering all this how can the KI studio, or especially Microsoft for that matter not have the resources to muster together a good 5 or so grand or whatever need be prior to Feb 8th to guarantee the final slot?

Personal opinion here… perception is huge. A Killer Instinct consistently at Evo vs a Killer Instinct losing final slots to UMvC3 or even dual Smash titles seems to diminish the perception of its legitimacy as a top tier fighter.

But then again I’m entirely new to this game, and EVO, I don’t know what’s what or who’s who. I just really enjoy KI and it rekindled my childhood love of fighting games that died in the 90’s with SF2. I’m just trying to wrap my head around all this…

I could be wrong but these sales count towards the ultra tour. Not EVO.

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I’m not going to BS anyone, I don’t know anything about the Ultra tour, what I do know is that EVO is the biggest.

This is like politics, sure maybe bigwigs want to focus on numbers alone, e.g., KI has generate it’s own popularity and revenue sufficient to reserve an EVO slot. But, like I said above, perception can be everything, it has already had a three year EVO run, fast forward after 6 or 7 total, consecutive EVO runs and suddenly the perception of the game is such that it’s expected each year, that the likes of BlazBlue can bicker over a slot with Guilty Gear and such and that’s their battle, but KI is expected and if anyone were to suggest come 2023 EVO or whenever that KI may not appear then everyone, rival game fanboys included, would be baffled.

Perception costs Microsoft four grand and change. So… am I missing something?

Corporations can’t contribute to the drive or the game is disqualified automatically.


That’s what I’m missing.

But in the real world things get messy sometimes, even so I’m very sure Capcom’s hands are quite clean. That being said couldn’t KI bigwigs arrange for some money to show up in some fanboys’ hands whose prior poverty prevented their very generous wishful donations?

If EVO does not want to put KI or MK, and prefers to keep 2 Smash games, and put 1 game that will be released in the same month (this one the wb is paying no doubt) I want more than the EVO go to hell!

EVO this year is only for Japanese producers. Money speaks louder than diversity and quality!

Smash brothers, games that do not get updated for years, Injustice a game that will be released so close to the event that no “good” players will get … EVO will lose more spectators than it imagines this year! You can score!

Well, I’m new to the scene and assumed EVO would attract the greatest competition to the most competitive games. I was given a swift lesson.

May I ask then, what are the other events to look for?

For KI, at the minimum, Combo Breaker and KIWC.


Don’t forget CEO.

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I think Evo and other tournaments tend to be a bit overrated as marketing tools or ‘success’ indicators. How can I say that? Dead or Alive 5. Absent from tournaments for years, still mooing like a cash cow and getting updates. Regular, featured updates on xbox and windows stores is going to get new players far more effectively than one tournament. Heck, KIWC does a lot more for the branding than Evo ever will.


I see your point but

  1. Both smash games destroy all the other games in views and entrants except for the SF franchise
  2. As we all know melee earned it’s way to Evo the same way we can this year
  3. NRS always make sure the last game dies and left behind look mk9<IGAU<MKX and know Injustice 2 is doing the same
  4. I bet you almost all the to MKX players will be playing I2
  5. No need to say Evo to go to hell
  6. Your delusional if you think will be down this year
  7. Why should you keep supporting a game that has had some of the lowest entrants and views. That make it seem like no one care so to prove Thier interested they have to win the vote.
  1. Money Speaks Up Competition And Diversity
  2. Money Speaks Up Competition And Diversity
  3. Money talks - a newly launched game does not have the level of competition that an event like this should present
  4. for sure, i think the same!
  5. haaaa why not? :smiling_imp:
  6. See, when I say he’s going to have less visibility, it’s not about KI. KI is a grain of rice I know that!
    I’m referring to EVO this year having only Japanese games and less variety :wink:
  7. I agree! Money talks! EVO is above all a company and has to make money. But this year they cut a lot of quality and variety to focus only on games with a lot of visibility.

If they launch another 2 Melee in the next few years, we’ll have EVO only with SF and Smash! : D

KI had the third highest prize, and it was the penultimate for registered participants. Watching I do not have numbers. But KI certainly does not yet have all the public that could.

EVO is money and nothing else! KI MvsC and Pokken have a lot more donations than MKx for example. BUT Injustice has already been confirmed. Do you want more proof that money is the boss? :smile:

Anyway, I’ll just watch Injustice because it’s new and GG
No other game interests me this year! MY OPINION

I agree with you that their is alot of Japanese fighters but who else makes them outside japan becides iG and NRS. So it’s is going to be limited but I get your points

don’t forget skullgirls <3