Noob question - XP system

Hi, believe it or not I’ve just started looking into KI after stumbling across a copy of the Definitive Edition in my local Game store. I was looking at it last night and already I have a question about XP. I like to understand the progression system of any game from the get-go, and with KI I get that the currency I earn can be spend on character customisation items, but what does levelling up give me? Are there any buffs or bonuses ranted at higher levels, or is it there purely for matchmaking online? If bonuses, what is governed by fighter XP, and what by player XP?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and would give me a sense of direction and an idea of what modes and characters to focus on first.

I believe it’s mostly to unlock colours.

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Leveling up your character unlocks colors and accessories, as well as fight card titles, emblems, backgrounds, etc. There are some items that can only be obtained by reaching maximum level with a character, and cannot be bought with premium currency.

Profile level happens alongside character level, and mostly unlocks general emblems and backgrounds. It is also how you unlock new music for training mode, and the Chris announcer.


Yeah, every character’s color 9 can only be unlocked by getting to level 50 with that character. You can check the colors and accessories in the customization menu and it’ll tell you what level you need to be at to unlock each accessory or color. My suggestion is unless you intend to play a character all the way to level 50, don’t bother using premium currency on any standard colors or accessories as you’ll unlock them along the way anyway. Save the currency for unlocking mimic and Shadow skins as well as guardians in Shadow Lords mode.

Also something to keep in mind, the level system is a fairly good at helping you size up opponents online, with the player level giving you an idea of the player’s overall knowledge of KI’s mechanics and the character level informing how proficient they are with the character they’ve chosen.