Non-Video Game Guest Characters

I love gust characters in fighting games. I love crossovers in general, and love it when two fictional universes collide. And I love Rash and Arbiter, they are perfect characters for KI. That being said, there is one avenue I would like to explore. Guest characters from non-video games.

One of the reasons I love Mortal Kombat is that its guest characters are almost all exclusively from movies (I’m looking at you Kratos), and comics if you count Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. I refuse to believe that Mortal Kombat is the only fighter that can pull this off. While I still struggle to do this with Street Fighter, Killer Instinct is a bit easier to pick for. So below are my opinions as to who is appropriate and why.

Raphael: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an epitome of randomness translating into success, and Ninja Turtles as a property, fits Killer Instinct for the same reason that Battletoads fits (action-adventure super powered anthropomorphic animals). As for choosing which Turtle, it is a matter of process of elimination. We already have two sword fighters, so Leonardo is out. We already have a master of the Nunchaku, so we also have to dismiss Michelangelo, plus his personality is a little to similar to Rash. That leaves Donatello and Raphael, and while Donnie would be cool, there are frankly better and more unique concepts for bo fighters in the community. So that leaves Raphael. A sai wielder is something unique in terms of KI fighting styles. The move-set is easy enough to dream up, just cross Mortal Kombat’s Mileena with Bowser in Smash Bros, and you’ve got Raphael.

Standard Costume

Retro Costume

Lion-O: When I first posed this question to myself, the first thing I came up with was He-Man (In my opinion, the 90’s in video-gaming is roughly analogous to the 80’s of cartoons, anything goes so long as it’s big an muscular). However, then Tusk happened. Now we already have a musclebound blond guy with a big sword. So the next best thing is to use Master of the Universe’s rival, Thundercats. Lion-O is the mascot, so using him makes the most sense, and while he is a sword-fighter, he also has a set of grappling hooks which could function similarly to Scorpion’s spear, or Triborg Smoke’s trident. He also has a smoke screen, which could function like a stun or a stagger, and Power Beyond Power could work as his instinct mode.

Standard Costume

Retro Costume

Spawn: I think we all can agree that after Soul Calibur 2, Spawn needs to step into the ring of a fighting game again. Plus, the fact that Todd McFarlane allowed Spawn to be exclusive to the Xbox version of that game, he is willing to promote Microsoft. Spawn’s move-set would be unique to say the least. Guns, chains, necroplasm magic, that sick ax from SoulCal. Plus his suit can actually act on it’s own, so his combat trait could be him being able to do more than one attack at once! Oh, my goodness he needs nerfed and he’s not even in the game! :wink:

Standard Costume

Retro Costume

So those are my thoughts. What characters from non-video games do you want to see in Killer Instinct. Special challenge to think of someone from a movie, cause that’s got me stumped. Post your ideas below.

Rash will almost definitely be getting some ninja turtle inspired accessories.

Spawn already made an appearance in Soul Calibur and is most likely showing up in the next game that NRS makes, be it MKXI or Injustice 2.


Not to be rude, but maybe I should have clarified. This is a speculation thread, not on who will be in the game, but who would fit in the game. I just provided examples. I didn’t people to comment on the validity of my own ideas, but to provide their own.

Oh, my bad. I thought you were just suggesting these characters.

DIO from JoJo, obviously

It’s cool. Do you have any ideas?

I dunno, maybe Optimus Prime I guess.

Aren’t all of MKX’s guests WB properties?

Actually, Alien and Predator are owned by 20th Century Fox. Leatherface is owned by Lionsgate.

Wait – they actually threw money at gettting friggen Leatherface into the game? Who bought MKX for Leatherface? Two people, maybe?

Sometimes Netherrealm makes poor decisions. cough.cough mk vs. dcu caugh.caugh

Fair. Alien and Predator seem like good gets, anyway.

Oh yeah. Here’s hoping that MK11 gets Ash Williams. Then Mortal Kombat will have contained the holy trinity of horror in each of their games. I actually think that makes sense, sense they have a policy of not repeating guests, it would make sense to have the big heavy hitters in separate games so they can spread out the publicity. For MK11 i would put money on Ash and Spawn, if the requests from twitter are anything to follow. But back to KI.

I was on my way saying I would love to see Ash Williams in KI. I have suggested him in other threads like this about future guest chars.

Normal he fights with his real and mechanical hand. His boomstick on his back and he pulls it out and use as a projectile. In instinct he jumps up and gets his chainsaw put on his arm/mechanical hand. And in the narrative it would be easy to put him in the KI universe with the Necronomicon book.

But as you say he probably end up in MK before KI. Which would suck for me because I don’t really like the MK feel and mechanics that much.

Well we will see. I kind of believe the rumors about “the dude” in KI S3 since “big MS game” soon will be released. And it’s an MS IP so it would be easier to realize for them. And I think MS is reasoning a little bit, that it’s easier to get some video games fans of another franchise over to KI, than non-video game fans of a movie/comic character. And especially if the fans already are in the MS eco system playing on either the X1 or PC.

*EDIT removed some names from a leak we don’t know is true yet or not.

Dude, edit your post fast before this thread gets locked!

Yeah I just realized that. Thank’s for the heads up. Must be ok now right?

Probably. Personally I am excited for He Who Shall Not Be Named.

Me too. Big fan of that franchise and he is definitely one of the cooler chars too pick from that IP.

Who are the people in your second image?