No sound in KI Windows 10

For some reason the game completely lost sound in Windows 10. The sound works fine outside the game. The last time this happened I fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Does anyone know of a way to fix this problem that doesn’t involve having to download almost 22GB every time? This seems to be happening every time the game gets updated.

I have some sound issues sometimes, but that is because the KI window became inactive somehow. If you go to your task bar, select another program (I have not tried with just clicking a blank area in the task bar), then select KI again the sound should come back.

Do not uninstall/reinstall. That’s unnecessary.

I’ve had some sound issues with the sound disappearing every so often even when the window is active and here is what worked for me. You should first go to your sound device settings and make sure the default sound device is set to the correct output device. If that’s ok, go to the start menu via win-R (run box) and type services.msc. Go down to the Windows Audio listing and choose to restart it.

I’m sure its just an issue with the current runtime (IE when the app is loaded, but even quiting it won’t fix it because windows wont release all the resources or something) of UWP apps, happens in project spark for me sometimes and a couple other things now and again, so if anything its an issue with microsoft rather than the game its self, the devs just had to abide by some coding rules to get it into the store which in its self is just crappy overall so far, hopefully Ms will fix these issues with an update at some point for try just fix UWP apps in general

I don’t know if you are still having this issue, but every time KI starts without sound, all I do is minimize and maximize, the sound always comes back. May not work for you, but it is easy enough to try.

That is actually what I did. Apparently the app is not capturing attention in Windows properly. I found that after starting the game and then using my mouse to select the app on the task bar the sound would come back. Hopefully this is a bug they will get around to fixing, but I’m glad I figured out how to get around it.

Well, this must be a problem with the KI game and it might happen that your PC doesn’t meet the requirement of the game. So first check the game requirements and then check the sound cards or the sound settings while installing windows 10 or game. Hope this will help you.

Moreover apart from that run the Windows Repair tool this scans the PC, detects and fixes the problem automatically. This not only fixes Windows problem but also games issues, DLL error, application and registry problem and even informs the user about the hardware issues.