No Shadow Orchid

I just don’t want her. I think shadow character project is enough until shadow jago. I don’t know. It gives me the impression that the devs are tired of the game.

Please guys do originals. Season 4 with new characters. Leave shadows in imagination.


Pretty much everyone here will agree with you I think, Shadow Orchid isn’t needed. First off it’ll take away from what makes Shadow Jago so neat, the shadow clone theme doesn’t need to be revisited, we can do better. Second we’ve already got more clones than we need with more on the way most likely and as far as the lore… Gargos would have no need to possess Orchid at this point, he’s already got his portal open.

The corruption of Jago was an integral part of his character development, the struggle and failure and then redemption. Making his sister go through the same process just because “more shadows plz” is an awful idea. New characters > clones > repeated theme clones.

It really sucks that somehow she made it to the top of the list despite obviously being the worst of the options.


I think she made it because of the name. Shadow and Orchid are powerfull words in KI universe comparing to lovecraftian or wendigo. But if those guys were real projects with names and story i think they would have done better.

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Totally, don’t get me wrong “Shadow Orchid” does sound cool and I’m sure most voters just picked her because she’s more familiar and because Shadow Jago is so awesome looking without thinking first.

I’m sure if they do her, they’ll do a great job but honestly they can do better, much better.

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Yes. The good thing is that i trust IG on making characters. But still it is like in season 2 we had shadow sabrewulf instead of aganos or hisako.

Are you really going to sit hear and call omen shadow wulf and also act like you didnt get aganos and hisako. Then your also complaining about a FREE BONUS character.

I think a more fitting way to describe Omen would be Shadow JagerWulf, considering he probably has more animations in common with Jago than Sabrewulf.

No my mistake. I don’t mean omen is a shadow shabrewulf. I mean if we had an actual shadow sabrewulf instead of the originals we had in season 2. Same now, it is much better to have original characters.

Shadow Orchid and Joanna Dark.
Two waifus in a row and I can’t wait!


I agree 100% @Yperdaimonios i dont wanna see a shark tj combo just Make a whole new character that is a shark or whatever

I think shadow orchid is honestly a pretty ridiculous and lackluster character that I would reeaally rather not be in the game. The fact that she was so high on the character poll is baffeling to me.


*Two characters we really don’t need in-game. lol

I love Joanna as much as the next kid who grew up on the N64 but that series is dead, Joanna is an obscure reference these days and most kids won’t even know who she is. She’s better off coming back as an accessory kit for Orchid, not being a full character on the roster.

One could argue that Rash was just as obscure but I’m pretty sure Battletoads was a lot more popular in its heyday than Perfect Dark ever was. I suppose if we had to have another guest, she’d be a good candidate but honestly I don’t see the appeal of what she could potentially bring to the table that other characters don’t already.

But these are just my opinions, I’d rather have some better choices but clearly the masses think that they’re both great choices so who am I to argue?


Who else was at the top of the survey?

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Joanna Dark in full new characters

Shadow Orchid in Reimagined characters


Found it:

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I’m hoping we get ben ferris over shadow orchid.

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We already have Ben Ferris…

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We got cinder, but not pre-transformation cinder aka ben ferris.

Then the poll doesn’t make sense. Shorchid and ben are at the top yet most people don’t want them… wth?

The shark tj isn’t actually a tj that’s a shark, they just used tj to describe his gameplay but it’ll still be a new shark.