No players online? (Russia)

Hi. I’ve tried to find opponent more than 6 days, only once i find another player in ranked. This is normal? I dont know, buy this game or not, what if after buying there will be no one to play (or this is a reason, and after buying i will find opponents normally?)?

Platform: PC. Location - Russia (Chita. really far from Moscow, maybe i cant find anyone cause far dislocation?)

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Unfortunately it may due to location. If you’re really far from any major populated areas it’s going to be much harder to find someone playing nearby and thus with a good enough connection to have fun.
Though it may be something else entirely. I live in the US and I play with European players just fine, so maybe it’s something with your internet?
Though there’s also issues with stuff like “Toredo Address” stuff that I’m not very educated on, but there should be threads about that have answers somewhere on the forums.

Don’t know if I helped much but hopefully you find a solution to your matchmaking problem soon!

I heard console gaming is not very popular in Russia, is that true?

Despite KI having Win10 port, it’s playerbase is still IMO on xbox mostly. And Win10’s port architecture is really closely tied with xbox version.

Steam port of KI is coming really soon (two weeks ago devs said it’s “weeks, not months” until release) So I’d say try out the Steam version.

Also, check out if you have Teredo adapter in device manager. It tends to disable itself after every Win10 update.

True, console gaming is extremly not popular in Russia.

I know about steam, and i hope this will good port without problems.

But anyway, i downloaded Xbox app and check my network. Teredo is working, all is good, exept 1
little thing. 350 ping. If KI got only 1 sever in USA, then there is no chance for me.

If you go to on a computer and test your internet, do you get similar results? If so, your connection may not be good enough to pair you with another player. 350 ping is very, very high (lower is better).

You could also try playing against people here in the forums in an exhibition or lobby to see if the match connection quality is poor or good. I’d try to find people as close to your location as possible (but it should be possible to play with people on the other side of the world).

I’d guess Teredo issues. That’s usually the issue with finding opponents on PC.

Google Teredo issues with Win10 games. Checking to see if it’s on sounds wrong to me…feel like you’re supposed to disable it.