No one will care... Some may even cringe!


This Costume set for Mira…

REALLY looks like:
(Click at own risk)

Sunset Shimmer.

Commence butthurt / passive aggressive dismissal below!

Could be worse.

Aside from a costume that LITERALLY gave a character pony colors, im not sure how it can get much closer than this.

She’s not best pony though, so it bothers me not.

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Lmao. I thought it was something gamebreaking.

In fact she looks like a Super Saiyan with a random costume palette swap lmao.

What do you know? Of all characters Mira is the first to get the next wave of HOLIDAY COSTUMES!



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I actually like this color a lot :frowning: I didn’t even think of sunset shimmer’s color scheme. I saw yellow and instantly said sold!

Theres nothing wrong with liking it. I like it. It will absolutely be my #1 Mira costume…

Because reasons.

I couldn’t tell if you guys like it. Most people i know hate the color yellow

Reminds me of the “Hex Girls” from Scooby-Doo lmfao

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You beat me to it!

The heat miser is definitely what I thought of first. But I think @ZDhome (did you use to be mrxfluttershy?) has a good case for the pony.

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No Shame no shame! My best friend is an animator and is good friends with Lauren Foust. He even worked on the Brony docu that was made a few years back. He was the supervising animator.

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@BigBadAndy Yes!

She looks like Jezebeth from clash of heroes to me.

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