No One Has Transcribed Orchid's Theme Verses Yet?

There’s like… 4-6 verses, not counting the bridge and high combo chorus and idle theme. It’s been 3 years. Has everyone given up? Surely someone has better ears than I do. I have been wanting to know Orchid’s full theme for ages now.

One of the verses has a segment that goes something like ‘…not even gonna try 24-7 and out of li-ife’.

Another one sounds almost like ‘flowering plant’ something or other, hard to hear. There’s a few other segments, I think, but it’s very hard to hear with the thumping bass, but neither of these verses are heard or mentioned at all on the official release. Has anyone out there tried to figure out the lyrics? Three years is a long time hoping for someone with better speakers or sound editing software.

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That’s not the complete lyrics. There’s at least 2 missing verses I’m looking for.

3yrs is along time to go wo replacing your bad speakers or acquiring sound editing software, then complaining about something the community hasn’t done for you. Pretty weak, bud.

Might I recommend just making up lyrics and hoping your close?

I bet Mick Gordon would post it if you ask nicely

I read what he wrote and asked for, he asked politely and did not complain about anything. He simply made a request. This is how u start flame with random users here

No flame. Someone tried to help and dude was all ‘not good enough’.

OP, sorry for my brashness. If you can give me rough timestamps for where the verses you need transcribed are, I’ll give it a shot. No promises.

Also, for real, check Mick Gordon’s facebook. I could have sworn he had the lyrics up there.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Starting at 3:20

And another verse at about 7:04

There’s one more verse, still trying to find it.

And one more hidden verse at 0:47

You didn’t hurt my feelings, dude. I probably didn’t word the post well, but I love the music in KI enough that I like to sing along and try to find the best overall edit on YT to add to my playlist. I wasn’t trying to sound mean when I posted that, but that’s actual genuine shock there has not been an ‘ultimate’ edit of one of the most verbose KI theme songs of the current character crop, as you can see. I also did ask Mick awhile back for the lyrics list but he only showed the current well-known lyrics from his official release, but that still leaves 3 or maybe 4 verses that have never been included in any of the edits you can find all in the same place on YouTube or elsewhere as far as I am aware.

I actually have collected all 3 OSTs and listen to them in my car on long road trips and sometimes when I’m at work and bored. I love KI music quite a lot, but Orchid’s theme happens to be among the most complex of the lot of dynamic themes and her verses have yet to be included in one complete coherent edit.

Maybe the singer A Edwards can list the lyrics she is on twitter.

Sorry I haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m gonna try and make time today. Eventually I’ll really get into it, just be patient w/ me. These meds and beds make me sleep a bit, plus doctors and hours of PT, then family visiting… anyway, I’ll find time though.