No new achievements for KILGORE?

Are there no new achievements for Kilgore?
I don’t see any?
Is it like that or is this a mistake / bug?

I agree with this. Seems like nothing new’s added yet, but given that Shadow Lords is being fixed to work in March, maybe we’ll see them then?

Pretty disappointing if this isn’t a bug.

Remix character, only one accessory set despite Omen having 2 and now no achievements. Even Shago got a full set of them.

Kranged just tweeted he has achievements, they’re just glitched and will go live tomorrow


Hopefully they’ll be granted retroactively because I’ve been grinding with him all day.


I’m pretty sure they’re getting around to making achievements.

It’s a server bug. They should be up today.
Sorry for inconvenience


Thanks for letting us know. :smile:

@BlitzedKraig if I may make a suggestion, perhaps putting the achievements in the game prior to their full scale availability (ala Gargos or Shadow Lords) would prevent this from happening with future characters. :blush:
Especially if the other characters will be released in the same way Kilgore was.

Yep usually we do. It was a server glitch on MS’ servers. You seeing yours ok now?


Looking now. Thanks again :smile:

No, it is not syncing the data. It wants me to play offline.

Ok, thanks. I’ve heard similar things. Will post an update when i have one

Ok. I will check again after your update.

Ok it looks all cleared up. Achievements should be a poppin’

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Online is working again, and the achievements are there. I know this because 7 of then unlocked when I started the game. :smile:

Thanks for replying to us after it was fixed. It means alot to me that you did that.