No Mercies

Want to see No Mercy in the disc version of game but I doubt they are going to make it in, although I love shadow lords thus far and really think the roster is awesome, the game just seems incomplete without the No Mercy moves…Agree or Disagree?

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You mean ultimate combos? Yeah I agree

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No Mercy and Ultimate Combo are different things.

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They are? I did not know that

No Mercies were only in the original KI, and they had the exact same conditions as MK’s fatalities for activation: Beat your opponent, who is then left in a dazed animation loop for a few seconds, and you have to set yourself at a specific distance from your opponent and then perform the button combination.

Ultimates are special combo enders that go straight into a finishing move.


Cool. Good to know.

Definitely agree, I want both no mercies and ultimates moves.:thumbsup:

No mercies might not be possible as there is no dazed state after a match. We will prob only see ultimates if we even get that.

Personally all I want to see are Ultimates, but No Mercies were cool no doubt. What made them different than fatalities was that you could escape them by mashing buttons. That would be really cool, and add a bit of tension that isn’t present in MK at the moment.

Can’t shadow jago perform ultimate? We don’t really need a dazed state, they can be performed like ultras. If i want ultimates to come back? No.

Yes. And Boss Gargos has a semi Ultimate type move too, although his acts a bit different. But yeah, that is the basis on which all the other Ultimates can be entered into the game.

Yes he can do an ultimate, but he is and has been the only one for quite some time. As far as no mercies, that is basically what the ultimate was a no mercy from a combo but you couldn’t do the other special ones that were like MK Fatalities.