No longer able to play KI

Guys this is really getting old and I honestly don’t know what to do other than just toss in the towel. Several months ago I had an issue where the “triple” kick button would automatically activate if I did a Quarter Circle forward motion. I was finally able to fix this by deactivating the left trigger keys.

It worked fine for aprox three months and now all controls are incredibly laggy. Some matches will start out fine and then the analog stick will just give out. This isn’t a controller issue as I can go into another game and the controls are precise. The issue seems to only plague online modes though, but then again, what’s the point of playing an online fighting game, if I can’t play online.

I’ve uninstalled it several times and at this point, I’m tired of losing to less skilled people because my controls give out.

I honestly don’t know what to do. I love KI, but I have to be able to play it.

I would try updating your controller with the “Accessories” app (might be a different name) or using a different controller to see if it’s the individual hardware that’s causing the problem. My headset doesn’t work properly with just-out-of-the-box controllers, and they need to be updated first.

I haven’t heard of anybody else having the issue, so odds are it’s something with your system or controller(s), unless there are others having the same problem who haven’t spoken up about it.

Sounds like an issue with your controller tbh. I have never heard of this problem, try updating it to see what happens

I thought I just updated my controller (it’s rather new). But I’ll do it again. It just seems odd that KI ends up being the game that is plagued by all these issues. :confused:

It’s at least worth a try. :smiley:

Yeah, can’t say I’ve noticed or even heard of anyone else having the issues you’re describing.

Hope the update attempts help man - I know I’d be super sad if I couldn’t play this game over something like that.

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Can’t really say plagued wit this issue as I have never seen any other thread posy about this issue… nor have I experienced it… and I have been using the day one controller since launch. Sounds like a controller issue to me… or maybe the way you play? Hitting button on accident or too mashing button too quickly and getting caught in the input buffer window frames…??

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My controller is actually up to date. I checked it out after reinstalling the game. It’s not a controller issue as I literally just got this controller and it works fine in all other games. In respect of button mashing… I don’t generally button mash. I’m big on manuals.

The issues I’m experiencing unfortunately seem to be just related to me. It could be hardware (Xbox One). I just think its weird that all other games seem to work fine. Maybe its the cruel hand of fate forcing me to stay away from KI. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve hacked off way too many people. :smiley:

Do you know anyone else with an Xbox One? Try taking your controller to their place, load up KI first under their gamertag (even if they don’t own the game, you can go into training with the free play character) and see if that helps. If it works fine, then load up your gamertag with your cloud save and try.

Basically, try to see if it works on a different Xbox, if everything else (the game, the save file, the controller) are the same.

I finally figured out what was causing all of my new issues… As it turns out my new controller had bad software. It seemed to play well with other games until I started playing Forza 6. During one of the races I could no longer steer. The analog stick simply didn’t function.

Also I found out that the charging port was bad and wasn’t charging my rechargible battery.

I went to Best Buy and got a free replacement (thank you controller insurance). I unwrapped it and turned on KI and boom I was defeating opponants left and right once again. No laggy controls (save the normal lagginess from people I know who lag due to location).

I think MS really screwed up with the Xbox One controllers. Having so many of these things be defective is just stupid. The controller before my last bad controller had a bad microphone port and would randomly shut off. The others I’ve had would go out after a few months. Grrr…

I have an arcade stick, but as I’ve always used a regular controller for fighting games (SF 2 and MK on the Genesis/ SNES), I found it too extreme to change. I’m glad that I can at least play KI once again. It had gotten so bad that the controller would just stop working or turn off halfway through matches. It was always confusing to me because until Forza 6, these things would only happen in KI. I could play Destiny for hours and other than it not rumbling when it should at times, would work. No wonder I was confused. Thank you Forza 6 for revealing the truth. :smiley:

Speaking of which I got my first Spin and won a 1.1 million dollar sports car! WOOT! Not high enough level to use it yet, but I’ll get there. Sadly, I play Forza 6 like KI… Lots of two to three hit combos against other cars. :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad you got that sorted out, and that it turned out to be a controller problem, not an issue with your entire system. I was pretty certain that it was the controller.