No Game DVR or Shadowplay

What are they afraid of, somebody might post high resolution gameplay on youtube showing how inferior the xbox one graphics are ?


Basically you are not able (yet) to record the game via game bar or shadowplay

Oh, your are talking about PC stuff. Carry on…

(I only play on Xbox.)

I’ve had some success recording and streaming with shadowplay. just make sure you have it set to capture desktop, and start recording before you start killer instinct. For some reason, the keyboard shortcuts to start/stop recording don’t seem to work in game.

Yea i tried that yesterday all i got was some footage of my desktop then black screen and ki audio

They said it’s supposed to be working, no eta on when it’ll be fixed though.

So you use OBS…

God why are people coming on here to complain about nothing.

yea figured out away to do it, you have yo keep your mouse over the taskbar and it will record then