No 2D Tag team fighting game: opportunity lost?

After the SFxT debacle I have been waiting forever for another quality tag team enabled 2D fighting game.

Did companies miss out on an opportunity during 2013-2016?
Has KI missed the chance too to succeed UMvC3 and pick up a few of their players along the way?

To me tag team is straight hype. I hope E3 has one in its lineup this year.


Well SFxT, UMvC3, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 were all financial failures when compared to the sales of Street Fighter IV, MK9, Injustice, and heck even MKvsDC, so as far as companies are concerned tag team is a bad idea.


Yes, I like the tag-team games as well. I really liked SFxT and hated to see it go down so fast.

Having a tag-team mode would be cool in KI but, just like in MK9, it would probably be unbalanced as hell. I’d still like it for casual matches, though, or taking a friend online with it.

I hope we’ll see more tag team games in the future. Maybe Injustice 2 will have it. And I really hope Capcom will do another vs title and have a two player tag-team option.

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Do you think so? KI is supposed to be very balanced. So I would assume that whoever tags in shouldn’t be at a huge (dis) advantage…?

If you haven’t already tried it, and like tag-team fighters, I’d highly recommend Skullgirls. It was meant to have a very Marvel-style of gameplay, and still has a pretty strong following.

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Good chance there are combinations of characters that are just too strong. I’m thinking of certain combinations of characters that can do infinite blockstrings, very damaging one-chance-to-break combos or just extremely hard to block mixups together. KI is very complex game and it’s balanced around one vs one. With tag team modes, the complexity of the game increases tremendously and there is no way to overlook the possibilities of every character combination.

But it would still be fun :slight_smile:


The only kind of team vs team I’d like to see more of is in the style of KoF XIII where it’s more of a survival mode than a tag in and out style. That’s just a nightmare to balance and ends up leading to an overly busy screen.

Makes me wish for a KI Vs MK tag battle crossover,

Shang Tsung / Kan Ra vs Jago / Liu Kang
Fulgore / Triborg vs Sadira / Mileena
Sindel / Aria vs Riptor / Reptile
Cinder / Scorpion vs Orchid / Sonya

With combo breakers, x-rays , ultras and fatalities. I’d love to see something like that be announced at E3.

I have personally never been into tag-fighters. I prefer the one-on-one aspect of fighting games. I don’t mind team modes though, where when one character is down, the next in line jumps in, but I don’t like that you can tag another character in throughout the fight.

Doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed tag-fighters, I just prefer not to use the tag-feature if I can help it.

That would indeed be nice.

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I think there are probably plenty of very practical reasons to expect tag fighters to perform poorly, such as the higher difficulty curve due to having to learn more than one character to play proficiently in the game, or the need to get more than one person motivated to play (and grind away at) a fighting game if we’re talking about two-player tag co-op stuff. It also seems pretty weird from a lore standpoint: fighting games tend to star a pretty stoic, self-interested cast who would take little pleasure in participating in big set piece spectacle tag moves.

Then there’s the fact that tag basically has to be either the focal point or completely absent, for reasons of both development resources (all those resources going into tag mode game balancing, spectacle tag moves, developing and QAing for all the edge cases introduced by tag, etc, doesn’t make sense if it’s not the main product) and player base unity (people playing the tag mode are people not playing the one-on-one mode).

Mind, I think I’m biased, and/or not capturing the main thing I dislike about tag modes here, because something about just the very idea of tag makes me recoil in disgust and I don’t know if I can explain why. So whilst I think I’ve provided some rational reasons why tag modes may not succeed, if I’m to be honest I have to let you in on the fact that you probably can’t talk me around to being interested in tag by addressing these issues.