Nioh (PS4)

As an original Ninja Gaiden fan boy (of course on the original Xbox) before I even played a Souls game, I believe Nioh is a must-have for me.

I don’t own a PS4 and wasn’t completely on board with buying the Pro but I think I will get one now. Nioh and KoF, here I come!


Bloodborne is worth the price of PS4 not to mention NIOH, Salt and Sanctuary, Horizon, UNTIL DAWN, Uncharted 4, ect…

Dude I go to pick up NIOH in 4 hours…its on! I already unlocked the free dlc from the alpha and last chance beta’s. I also bought the Season pass.
Is harder than Dark Souls…way harder! the key is the stamina regen (Kee)

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I haven’t seen much of this game, and didn’t even knew it existed until a sizzle reel at PSX. I know it’s from Team Ninja and I hear it’s a lot like the Soul games…

So, I LOVE the Ninja Gaiden games but I don’t care for the Soul games or Bloodborne.

Will I like this?

You may, as long as you’re willing to look at the game more as a technical survival horror, than a hack n’ slash. If you go arms blazing like you would in Ninja Gaiden, you’ll die in 5 minutes of the first level, and that won’t change as the game progresses, based on the Alpha, beta and final demo.

This game, IMO, what Onimusha might have become, were it done in this day and age. It’s a samurai survival horror RPG.

The comparisons with Souls series come exactly from the type of slow paced advance you need to have, in order to properly play the game.

For me, Nioh has the potential to be GOTY. I’ve been expecting it with a vengeance ever since the first alpha demo. So much potential it’s ridiculous ='D

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If you don’t like Dark Souls then you may not like it. It play exactly like Dark Souls. Bon fires, Level up, Stamina based combat, invasion, co-op, weapon transmutation, armor upgrade, item drops, target lock, roll, chests, …Boss fights.

Just because I am an ■■■, I will point out that the original Ninja Gaiden was an NES game…

Definitely sounds like you want to take the plunge. If I wasn’t so backlogged on Xbox games already I would join you. I’m interested to see how Horizon reviews but there’s no way I’m going to miss TLoU 2 so I will be with you eventually.

The game looks interesting, but I think I won’t buy a PS4 for a single game again. Did that with Infamous 2nd Son and the system wound up sitting collecting dust for the next 6 months. Eventually I sold it, and don’t see myself picking one up again any time soon.

[quote=“Skryba, post:5, topic:18485”]
You may, as long as you’re willing to look at the game more as a technical survival horror, than a hack n’ slash.
[/quote] Good to know. Thanks. I thought it was more like NG than DS but from the footage it seems you’re right.

Ah Onimusha, the good ol’days. Btw, a hidden gem was actually Yakuza Kenzan a spin-off from the Yakuza series, except that it wasn’t a horror survival horror game.

Me neither, but at least the system has been out long enough for me to assess the games they have. At the moment there are enough games to warrant a purchase, even though I am in no rush to buy one now. Nioh was just the final trigger…

I know, I am originally a Ninja Gaiden fan and specifically of the Xbox version, that’s all I meant to say :smile: plus I was taking a shot at other versions as for me the 3D version was the pinnacle. Sega’s Shinobi series was my 2D favorite.

Yeah, I’ve been eyeing that game for years.

Man,Im telling you…Bloodborne is thebest game of the last 3 years! Especailly if you liked Dark SOuls 1.
Hands down worth the PS4 and then all the other games will follow. PS4 is slowly taking over my gameing time.

First it was SFV
Until dawn
Uncharted Remastered collection
Uncharted 4
Dark SOuls 3
Salt and sanctuary

If you can afford both consoles then why not?

ive seen nioh, it looks great but at this point in time i dont have any room for a game like that. not that i dont like the challenge, i do, but i know if i drop 60 bucks on it, its gonna sit there gathering dust all the time. for now, ill watch streams of it during lunch breaks

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Looks pretty great! I wanted to pick up Bloodborne a while back because it reminded me a lot of Nightmare Creatures, but just didn’t. Nioh looks amazing enough especially with aesthetics. Still, I’m going to wait for the honeymoon phase to pass and a decent price decrease.

Not saying it isn’t worth $60, just a lot of money to dish out at once at the moment.

Dude…Bloodborne destroys Nioh… you have to get it first. Its Dark SOuls with a different story. Its currently 19.99 brand new. Hell Bloodborne destroys Dark SOuls IMO…even my fiancee loves Bloodborne and begs me to play it…thats how good it is.

Anyone who’s playing Nioh please let me know how it is (If you’re enjoying it, etc.)…

ba dah bop bop baaah …Im loving it! lol

THe beginning escape mission is super cool! IM telling you man its basically a Dark SOUls one copy LOL


I’ve been playing a bit, I’ll post my thoughts when I’m at my computer.

I’ve made it to the third shrine, in front of the village. Dunno exactly how long it took but it was definitely over an hour. Getting used to the game’s brand of difficulty is interesting; picking the right weapon and stance for the job is tricky to get used to. The difficulty could be a problem for some people; damage is very high and being in a fight with 3 or more enemies means that making a mistake is very likely to result in a stunlock into death. Many people are making the dark souls comparison but I find that so far the basic enemies in nioh are far more threatening than those in dark souls (I think the difficulty of those games is very overrated outside of specific crazy difficulty spikes.) IIRC one site had to delay their review because they were unable to complete the game in the time before its release.

I like the way the game handles ninjutsu/magic. Most of your onmyo magic/ninja skills simply allow you to prepare consumable items when you rest at a shrine, giving you a supply of that item that won’t be exhausted as you can always refill it if you have the skill equipped. It’s a fairly elegant way of doing it, as many of these consumable items are ones you can find as drops from enemies or as loot from chests or corpses, so you can get a preview of what something is going to do before you commit a skill point to it. It also means they don’t have to commit another portion of the controls or UI to magic, as it’s simply rolled into your consumable items.

Since I (and everyone else on the planet) have already brought up dark souls, I’ll say this about those games: I enjoy all of them, I think they’re good games, but every one of them is deeply flawed in various ways. One particular sticking point is that the console versions of all of them have awful game performance, many of them struggling to maintain 30FPS. This game is coming from a developer that understands how important game performance is in a game this difficult. You’re offered a surprising number of options to customize the game to ensure solid performance, with options to either maximize visual fidelity while locking the game to 30 FPS, or to reduce that quality a bit to kick it to 60. That, on top of the general feel of the combat system with things like the ki pulses and stance switches, and the elegance of the magic system, makes me optimistic for the rest of the game. This is definitely the kind of quality you would expect coming from the talented and experienced minds that brought us dead or alive xtreme beach volleyball 3.


Good stuff. I’m happy to hear all this. I wasn’t able to join the beta as I didn’t have a PS4 at the time but this feedback is encouraging.

I can only chuckle :smile:

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I been on a 24 hour NIoh binge and Im just killing it! This game is amazing and will be in the top 3 for PS4 game of the year no doubt!
THis damn vampire chic is tough!

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I would like to join the Nioh fun but I need to take advantage of double XP weekend. Got Kim, Kil-G and Riptor up 5 levels each.

But it sounds really exciting!! Keep me informed without spoiling everything, lol

I now man its taking up all my time I had panned for other games. Been on RE7 all week until Nioh arrived… was on DS2 as well. Too much to play, so little time!

I got it yesterday. While it’s good it’s bloody infuriating lol