Nioh 2 (released March 13)

Anyone playing this or getting this?

I preferred the first over Sekiro tbh. I have not read any reviews yet though.

Also, I’ll be checking Max his YT channel a lot as I think he is also a fan.

Apparently, Nioh 2 has 3 player coop mode too.

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I loved Sekiro, and nope… I will be Skipping Nioh 2 this time around. Still salty about Nioh 1. You know whats funny about Max (and pretty much any other Content Creator that played Nioh) ? Its that they seem Miserable when they die alot to something, and then when they Succeed that one time they are like “This Game Is Awesome !!!” and then the Process repeats itself at the Next Encounter.

I wish I was like that. I am cursed with remembering how much I suffered.

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What about Nioh 1? I never finished it…lol

Darli Dagger


lol… So You’re Cosplaying a Pirate in Nioh 2 ? :slight_smile:
As for Nioh 1, I liked it until I arrived in the 2nd Region… you know, the one with all the Water. Things got better after that until The Dragon Of The North and Defiant Honor DLC… The game essentially became a 1-Shot Simulator from that point forward.