Nintendo Switch

Does anyone have the Switch yet? What games do you have? What do you think so far?

Me: Yes, I’ve got Zelda, Snipperclips, 12 Switch, And Fast RMX (aka Not F-Zero)

Zelda…so far, Wowie-wow-wow-wow! Pretty cool so far. Hyrule is HUGE!!! I haven’t got too far yet though, just to Kakariko village.

Snipperclips: For such a simple game it’s pretty fun as well. Had a pretty good time playing with @thunderb3e.

12 Switch: What can I say? It is what it is…essentially a tech demo/party game. I wouldn’t recommend playing it much at all. Like, dig it out about as often as you would a Monopoly board game, or your Uno cards.
For the tech demo part…it’s pretty impressive. My favorite game so far in that regard is the ball count game. You pretend your Joycon is a box with marbles in it, and rotate it around to figure out how many are in the box. And out of all the “OMG it feels like there’s something in there!!” HD rumble tech demo games in the bunch, THIS one really does feel like there’s marbles inside the joycon rolling around. It’s really impressive. I don’t see how being able to mimic balls rolling around in a box would be useful in any other games, but it’s still pretty awesome.

Fast RMX: Not too shabby for being Not F-zero. It has all of F-zero’s signature features. One thing I do like that’s different though is that unlike F-zero you have no health bar, and instead of recharge strips it has occasional boost pickups. Also crashing is handled like Mario Kart instead of F-Zero’s crash & burn & restart the race.

But yeah, so far the games I’ve played are pretty fun, and the hardware is what it is.

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I got Zelda. It’s fun but the Guardians are tough. Fast RMX is fun on the go and at home. A good alternative to the battery draining Zelda. Shovel Knight is Shovel Knight. A good “retro” game but can be played at home and on the go without battery drain. I like it so far.

I’m going to hold off, despite being a huge Nintendo fan. But my friend and I had a blast with 1-2 Switch. Great console so far, can’t wait for everything else in the future

Got a Swtich day 1 …

Zelda is HUGE!!!

Did like a 12 hour session, and then a 14 hour session … sure I haven’t even gotten through 1/3 of the game yet (and that’s without going for 100% items) … wouldn’t be surprised to say I haven’t even reached 1/4 of the game yet!

FAR FROM BORING too … was worried it was running across Hyrule field for half an hour, but it’s FAR FROM THAT. Far far far from that.

I dont have a swritch but Im installing Zelda now on WiiU. Im going to give it a go here in a second

I’m really stoked for Fire Emblem on Switch, but I don’t know if I want to go out and get it now. Maybe give it some time to go sale or holiday bundle.

LMAOOOOOOOOO dead pixels are features these days.

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No games, no hype. These are the rules.
If I do wind up getting a Switch, it will be later in its life time when there’s more to play. There are games I’m looking forward to, like Arms and the new Mario game, but that will be a long time coming.
At least I’ve heard Breath of the Wild is generally a good game. And when the tech works I’m interested in trying it.

Edit: I really need to start proof reading. Sometimes my typos completely change what I say


If the Gamecube Virtual Console ends up having F-Zero GX, I’ll buy it.

I bought one. The hardware seems very impressive for what it is, and the niggles I have with it as a device (joycons being a bit uncomfortable, battery life being a little low) are understandable given what the device is, and honestly aren’t that bad. I’m satisfied with the hardware, even if I do say that having committed the money in my budget to it a few weeks ago so I’m a little divorced from the value-for-money question right now.

I preordered the Zelda limited edition (there’s also an uber-limited limited edition that you can’t get in Australia, otherwise I probably would’ve bought it because I’m a sucker), and the store I bought from ended up doing a deal on 1-2-Switch, otherwise I wouldn’t’ve bougth that game. Regardless, I’ve only put time into Zelda, and probably won’t touch 1-2-Switch until I have a room full of friends around who want to check the Switch out.

Zelda impressions, 10-20 hours in:

It still feels pretty early. I don’t feel “established” in the sense of having a reliable “build” of things that are durable enough to make it through more than 2-or-so fights, or being able to find/cook/craft the precise things I might want/need to prepare some big challenge, and honestly I don’t know how to get to that point or even if I ever will. So I’m kinda exploring and living encounter-to-encounter, and the going is kinda rough. I’ve definitely discovered some cool things and managed to get a big thing or two done, but it was kinda ad-hoc discovery and scrapping.

I guess there are two things I want at this point:

  • To deliberately surmount a hard challenge having prepared specifically to do so beforehand.
  • Dungeons. Also just the kind of elaborate, large-scale set piece puzzle-fetishization that Zelda is known for in general.

Basically, this game asks you to commit to massive undertakings and chart your own path and manage your resources wisely and solve problems and gauge feasibility/risks – and I like these things a lot – but it’s all a bit too “local” in its structure. I hope that changes.

I don’t have a Switch, but I bought Zelda for Wii U.

It’s really, really good. And I was ready to dislike the next Zelda after Skyward Sword. It’s the type of game I didn’t think Nintendo would ever make again.

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Unless they can manage to do that with zero controller/screen lag, I honestly think that would be a bad idea. That is one of the few games like Punch-out!! where any amount of lag increases the difficulty significantly.

If People are wanting an new F-Zero game, the developers of Fast RMX want permission from Nintendo to create a new F-Zero game. Fast RMX $20 £15 on the e-Shop

F-Zero GX would lag would be literally impossible to beat 100%.

Nonsense! GX works fine on the Wii U so im pretty sure it will work fine on the Switch.

Eh, I’ll just stick to the Gamecube version I got hooked up to my CRT. :sunglasses:

Input delay would make it impossible. I can barely beat the game on reaction.

I am so glad there is no such nonsense on the Switch anymore :sunglasses: Love having cartridges again :+1: And yes, I LICKED ZELDA, she tastes horrible :scream:

Got Zelda, absolutely loving it, totally agree with all those 100 scores, might dethrone OoT as my favorite game of all time (havent played a Zelda after Majora’s Mask though, which I severely disliked and couldnt get through). It reminds me sooooo much of Legend of Zelda from the NES and I really, really hope they get that virtual console running soon, havent had a Nintendo console since the N64 and am ready to spend big time on childhood nostalgia (sm3, smw, zelda 1, 2 and a Link to the past, castlevania 3 and Super Metroid)…hopefully they will release the metroid prime series in HD since I never played those either.

Anyways, Back to the current switch games, loving Shovel Knight, still a classic, just more of it, enjoying the co-op aswell and the new campaign, only thing I miss on the Switch is the Battletoads stage :cry: Looking forward to the other upcoming expansians.

Fast RMX, difficult but addicting, love that there are so many stages (30) and each and every one of them are different. Had fun playing this split screen with friends and still having great fps and sharp visuals.

Snipper Clips, played it with a friend and my brother, we all loved it and finished the three ‘worlds’, got my money’s worth, but would have liked more…then we discovered the battle mode (basketbal, Hockey and Dojo) and had some awesome moment, definitely recommended.

Very satisfied, but biggest thing for me is the offline multiplayer, cant stress enough how important this is for me going forward with console games and apparantly the guys making Halo have seen the light aswell (thankfully!).

Only issue I have is this, when I take the Switch out of the dock it switches over directly, however when I put it back in the dock, the tv output doesnt seem to register on my tv since it says ‘no signal’. Its in Hdmi 1, now if Inswitch to hdmi 2 and then back again, it does show up, so its an inconvenience, but it is annoying…tried using other hdmi oirts/cables but doesnt make a difference…

The weird thing is, 5% of the time, it DOES work…

Ok, new post to avoid wall of text syndrome.

Pro controller is awesome and doesnt have the Xbox One controller issue of having to recharge every (other) day. I hear it has a 40 hour battery life, which might very well be true since it has a 3ds battery I believe. It does have the nice xbox controller shape, although I have to get used again to see the x-y and a-b buttons (and their functions) switched.

Took the Switch to bed last night to finish some Zelda chenenigans and wound up getting tired arms (was already tired, its not that heavy) so I ended up laying it down and taking off the joycons and had a nice play with them seperated, worked like a charm :grin:.

Love the fast start up of the system, love the FAST interface (my brothers WiiU always looked to work in slowmotion…) and the clean look, keeping it simple (maybe I’m regressing, but I dont miss a lot of the xbox clutter, going oldskool again), Netflix however they need to get on there…

Handheld screen is awesome but havent had on since the original gameboy, afraid the screen will scratch so will probably need to get a screen protector…hate those bubbles that get under there though. Also need to get a case to carry it, since its to big for my pocket. No big deal since for short bursts, I have my phone, but when on vacation or other trips it will be nice to be able to take it with me.

And again, bring on the Virtual Console (one of the biggest reasons I got back on a Nintendo console).

What games is everyone looking forward to?
As for me:
Mario Kart
Splatoon 2 (looks fun and am done with serious shooters at the moment)
Mario Odessey
The inevitable Smash Deluxe (or a new one)
Might get games like Overcooked again aswell for fun with the wife
Hollow Knight and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (metroidvania games, hooefully the last will come to Switch)
Yooka Laylee (maybe)
Isaac Afterbirth (Strangely Interested and comes out this month when games are still scarce)

Hoping for a new Metroid and curious to try my first Pikmin

i will get it in the middle of the year … but the games that i want is zelda and super mario odessey