Nintendo Power Archive (edit: Nintendo pulled it)

I recently found this on the 'net and thought it might be of interest to other members here. It’s an archive of old Nintendo Power magazines, and while it’s not complete, it does have the first 140+, and includes articles about Rare games, an interview with Tim & Chris Stamper in vol. 2, several articles regarding KI, etc. Definitely worth checking out.


thanks for posting this.

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Well, nevermind…Nintendo’s pulled another jerk move & got it removed.

…on that note, when it comes to stuff like this, copyright laws & IP protection is ultimately cause stuff like this to be lost to time. I mean, it’s not like they’re going to ever go back & publish these again. How are people in the future going to ever know anything about history if it all stays locked away in corporations’ vaults till the end of time?

Sorry, it just really irks me. & for the record, I have most of them sitting on a shelf right behind me. But still, I’m not exactly concerned about just me.

Really sad news, I was browsing some of those over the last few days. Reminded me of better days.

They’re doing a fantastic job of trying to make people forget Nintendo was ever fun. Now it’s just PR nightmare after PR nightmare, and corporate Japan stuck 30 years in the past couldn’t care less. It could kill their company.

I’m really peeved by this. Some lawyer told them to do it so they could keep their job as the protector of Nintendo IP, that’s pretty much it. Meanwhile, public opinion of Nintendo keeps going down. This would have been such a cool way to remind people of all of Nintendo’s strengths as a company in years past, and convince them to maybe, I dunno… purchase virtual console games on the Wii U Shop! But no, gotta kill the entire collection.

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Sadly I don’t think it would kill their company. I think they’ve determined that they can bank on the fickleness of casual markets and plan to do so wholeheartedly, because their hardcore fans are so deeply hooked in their eyes they can do no wrong. And it seems like for every stupid PR decision they make, they put out something like the mini NES that everyone goes gaga over.